A Dime Piece to Remember | Jun. 10-14

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Mark Anthony V.- 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S

When you take pics of the same object or when you become numb seeing the same object time after time; it sometimes takes a fresh set of eyes to put things in perspective. This weeks feature is of Gripets very own photographer M. Anthony, shot by our photographer Jon Tran. A lil' bromancing this week don't mind us.

This week we aim close to home, sharing the spot light on not only a local, but a member of the GS fam. There's no favoritism or bias here; again we just give credit were it's due! We keep it as fresh as possible, with the most refreshing content as possible. Clearly with the mix of so.cals automotive passion and the world wide web you tend to see all sorts of cars being tampered with. Finding the right niche to set yourself apart with out joining the circus can sometimes be difficult; so our eyes are always focused on those gems staying true. Now let us lend our focus to this rarely done Celica. When we address ''rarely'' we mean the simple and not overly done factor. The well dressed factor, and the street cred. This car was never just about looks that would spend most of it's life in a garage, it's about the real world drive ability, something that you could pass parked roadside Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm on the streets of Pomona, CA. Always dressed to impress, street sweeping was this Celica, long before we crossed paths, so here you are, please sit back and enjoy one last lap in the glory of  Mark A's 'dime piece to remember!'

The Motivation
I've always been passionate about cars since I was a kid. After graduation back in 2009 my dad surprised me with a car. It happened to be a Celica, at first I was the happiest guy on earth and fell in love. First mod was an exhaust & painted my OEM wheels black. Thought my car was the coolest at the time. Then came the time when reality hit me in the face & I realized it is hard to stand out with a Celica and I needed to do something out of the box. As the stance scene became more and more popular, I decided to give it a shot with my car. Took me two years to get the car where I really wanted it, bought my wheels (Miro STP1 18X10 +25 all around) first, bought skunk2 springs & rolled like that for a while till my tranny blew. Was much bummed out when that happened which made me think about giving up on the build. Months went by without my car running. Saved up some money and bought a new tranny along with BC coils & a TRD lip kit. Got it all painted and BAM! Car was exactly where I wanted it. Best feeling ever, sadly the car has now been sold. I want a new car it will be a fresh new start. My motivation for the build was to build something out of the ordinary, show people that this body had potential. I honestly achieved all the goals I had with the car for the 4 years that I owned it.


BC Racing Coilovers 11k F | 12k R

Miro STP1 18x10 +25 | 215/40/18 federal 595

03 front bumper with C-One lip | TRD sides | TRD Rear

OEM leather seats

Stock motor

Future Plans
The car has been sold & currently planning on buying a S2000, plans for that is keeping it as simple as possible but looking good.

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