Yellow Fever | May 27 - 31

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Mark M. - 2005 Nissan 350z

Phillip Awad aka Mr.handsomeandfilthy, what a pleasure it is to have him part of this GRIPSET Fam. S/O to him, who once again took the time & effort to get this shoot done as soon as he could. Always supporting this GRIPSET movement 100%. 

Woooooo! "They call me mellow, yellow!" song plays in our mind to set the tone for this proper Z. It's flashy, it's stancey, it's loveable. You could never walk past this at a show to later reply; no, when asked "Did you see that yellow z?". How fitting this feature is because a topic of stance came up over the weekend, when the most asinine comment fell out of someones mouth;

 [ pause break express yourself woooosah yeah I know right you good ok back to the story ]

 concerning such beauty's that now leads to our rant. The audacity, some haters have no respect when they talk "trash" about these lowlyfe cars! Truth is, they are what they are, haters because they are just clueless on what it takes to preserve such a machine on the daily. Even if they did offer up something closely insightful, it would only mean that they personally just failed at their attempt and they'd hate to see the likes of you surpass them. But, as understanding grows you'll realize it takes just as much skill to successfully pull this stance off, as it does to achieve any other stance setup out there. It's surely not easy to do, and navigating California roads don't ease the pain doing so either. This tailored lifestyle has a broad following, some do it WRONG, and for a select few of them it's done OH SOOOO RIGHT, as if it were in their genes. That class of men and women live this, breathe this, sleep this, eat this. Hats off to them, because from knowing a few of them its RAW! They are out there pushing the envelopes of reality, visual structure, and proposing the new expressions of self. The tool(s)......? a mean whip with street cred and a wheel & tire combo that would impress the pants off Prince Harry of Wales.

The Motivation
I bought my car new back in 2005. I had lived here in the US for a few years having moved here from Japan and was itching to get back into the scene. I didn't really do much research on the 350z other than knowing by the time I had bought the car most of the bugs from first production 2003s had been taken care of, size wise it fit me great and it was a great balance of looks and performance. It didn't take long for me to start modding, especially with how much aftermarket support there was available for the Z and all the info there was on the 350z forums. First mod I did was lower my Z on some Tanabe Springs and after several sets of wheels, body kits, and literally over a 100 different parts, the rest they say is history.

I run with The Low N' Slow Crew out of SoCal. Fitment Kings! They are definitely responsible for helping me get my car sitting the way it is now, I've known many of those guys for a while having kicked it with them for many meets out there in the 818. They teach you to push the limit which is something I used to see all the time back in Japan going to Daikoku Futo on Wednesday nights and seeing all those guys go crazier every week, Hardest Crew in SoCal for sure. Really helped get my Stance game right, and my 350z out there, also showed me what a car family could be.


C-West Super Aero Hood | Baus Auto NIsmo V2 Front Bumper
Veilside side splats | Damd rear diffuser
Upgraded 2006+ 350z LED Headlights and Taillights
S2K antenna | #Vinylworks vinyl | CustompartZ Aluminum Undershield

 SSR MS1 19x9.5 (-33) 19x11 (-18) 215/35 235/35 Falkens
  In custom reverse step lip |  powdercoated white with noble gold hardware | polished inner and outer barrels.

Stance GR+ coilovers with upgraded 12/14kg Springrates | Battleversion Rear Camber and Toe Arms
Megan Racing front upper control arms | Hotchkis Sway Bars | Energy suspension bushings

Personal Grinta Steering Wheel | Works bell Rapfix quick release and short hub
Tommy Kaira Hebi Baby shift knob | Nismo short shifter | Bride Stradia seat | Bride rails and sliders
Ultraracing harness bar | Eclipse DVD headunit | JL Audio 500w Amp | 2 10" Elemental Designs Subwoofers

JWT popcharger | Berk test pipes | Nismo Y pipe | Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust
Cusco Strut bar | Sard Oil and Rad caps. 

Future Plans
In the future I plan to go with the Nismo V3 front (coming soon) and Shine auto TS rear diffuser (this is already done by the way) in Custom Kevlar, I'm planning to go custom wide body fenders on my next set of wheels, and getting my engine bay show ready with full polish everything, full wire tuck, and hopefully and most importantly Boost. 

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