WEKFEST 2013 | Event Coverage

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WEKFEST - Long Beach, CA

This was a momentous day for Gripset, as 7 of our Crew/Staff members were all in one spot with one motive, to shoot up wekfest from all angles. But credit  for this coverage goes out to Jon Tran, as he vowed to take the point. So enjoy, courtesy of J.Tran


Wekfest is an auto event held across the world! On May 25th of 2013, this event was held in Long Beach, CA; from 1pm to 6pm at the notorious Queen Mary events park, along Long Beach's seaport.  It's a gathering for some of  the best of west coast's imports, euros, and domestics. Truly a gathering of the masses where quality trumps quantity. If your ever in-town on during any of these events we urge you to participate, or stop in to see the creations of all auto enthusiasts. If by some stroke of luck you can't, you could always come back to and visit Gripset for event coverage.

For Future Event info. here is a link to their website. http://www.wekfest.com/

Coverage by Jon Tran
Gripset Photographer.

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