Simplicity: From the Ground UP | May 20 - 24

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Joseph Allen F. - 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

It is always a pleasure to see photographers wanting to Collab with Gripset. As we do wish to have a photographer in each state, it just hasn't happened yet. With the help of our collaborations we get to bring you cars from everywhere around the country through the eyes of talented people.  It is an honor to bring you this particular feature brought to you by Adam Gottron. Thank You for the help Adam in getting this feature done for us. We hope to work with you in the future. Make sure to check out his work at:

When you see that guy/girl at the mall and their beauty hits you like a ton of bricks or stops you dead in your tracks - Maybe you even stop and stare or you bust the double-triple-take from a distance!? Well......... that was the feeling evoked when we laid eyes upon this unique creature!!! We all know the bad rap these cars got after some "not to be mentioned series" launched their first box office blockbuster! It was like they drove every eclipse owner maaaddddd. It was expected at any given stop light  that some bright colored, fiberglass, folgers coffee can exhuast car would show up next to you, mean mugging, with all sorts of violations happening at once. Maybe We're being a little bias for the sake of a good story, LOL, but 7 out of 10 of those just seemed to be an eclipse with the blitz bodykit, some primed, some paint matched, some with under construction vinyl decals that put you on alert - like, when We're finishedtho' Oooooooooo weeeee you better watch out!

In the end that wasn't the case here, not this time around, not with Josephs Allens Eclipse; He didn't run out and grab the EVO like everyone else, clearly he was out for respect the hard-way! He was out to win your love and affection with his rendition of a sport compact classic. For GS (a.k.a GRIPSET), it was just love and respect from the start. Whatever the case may be, Jospeh took the road less trodden; a road that may be followed once the word get's out! Because this is one dashing sleigh that takes revenge on the fallen brand badge.

The Motivation
 What motivated me to start building was my friends cars and witnessing what they did with their cars. I wasn't too impressed with my car stock so I decided to change it. I was first on basic lowering springs but quickly felt it wasn't good enough so my friends Adam Gottron and Shane Austin helped me get my coils and with installing them; I thought I would be satisfied with that. Next I decided to do wheels as I had finally found a set of Porsche twists, only problem with that was then I couldn't drive static. So after this "deal breaker" I spent a lot of time trying to figure how I was going to bag my car. I had never done this before and had no idea what I was doing but my friends from @ohilow helped me research. Just shy of a month of searching I finally figured out what I needed, with help from Bag Riders. I was the first successful eclipse to be bagged.............with a bag over coils system. So me and a couple of my buddies Mike Campbell, Chandler Cualdwell and Ryan Stewart spent about 8 hours putting them in; none of us had done anything like this before once my suspension was finally done I put the twists back on and it didn't fit right. Then I had to get into wheel specifics, I had to figure out what size rim, offset and stretch would give me the perfect set up!?!?! And finally ended up with what I have now. I would like to give a special thanks to my girlfriend Mckenzi Haid who always supported me, when I was working out the garage for hours on end. Thanks for sticking with me through those hours, overlooking the money and attention I've given to my car.


Bag of Coil System | Megan Racing Coils
Aero Sport Bags | Four Way Manual Switches | 3/8 lines
5 Gallon Air Tank | 480 VCC Compressor | Twm short shifter Kit

Ralliart eye lids | Halo Fog Lights w/ yellow over lay
Plastidipped front middle bumper and rear trunk area 

that blends with the tinted tail lights 
Full Aero Lip Kit

Kenwood touch screen double din | 2 12 kenwoods in the trunk

Wheels and Tires
Xxr 521 18x10 front and rear | Nankang 225x35x18

Future Plans
I still have a lot to be done like re-doing my full interior and engine bay. I plan on putting bride vios III seats with harness and cage in also an NRG quick release and a grip-royal wheel. As for the engine bay I want to pull everything and paint it black. Also polish the headers and block with a red valve cover. I want to set up a Full Injen catback exhaust and intake and further down the road get camber arms, Thinking of going with a 19 inch BBS Rs or gram light 57's so my fitment is a little more on point.

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