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Denny A. - 1991 Mazda Miata

Shout out to Phillip Awad who drove out and met halfway with Denny. He's always putting forth that extra effort, with his virtually "never say no," policy for potential features!!

Socal's finest! We got heart! The impressions of the past play heavily in So.Cal. in our opinion, the grassroots state. With strong automotive culture and home to route 66.  Simple clean styles, era dated styles, and some trends to the automotive industry originate there. The old skoo' reference, is surely one of those pioneered styles as to how cars were modded back in the day when imports landed in Southern Califas. Now-a-days everyone is obsessed with stance, they think the car game is simply lowering your car on ridiculously low offset wheels and your king of the streets, (Buzzer) wrong! No issues with stance because it sets the mood, like Marvin Gaye, or Luther Vandross on that special night ;)...............that's on some other, ol skoo', you might not know about that! But the best way to get the whole enchilada is to do it right, take every aspect of your car into consideration let it show character from end to end. When the curtains do go down, and your personal saga ends, your values, attributes and legacy will inspire the next to keep the torch lit.

( Respect & Honor R.I.P "Coke in a Can" on Behalf of GS )

The Motivation
My brother and his friends all started my love and passion for cars.  One of my brother’s friends really stood out to me though. I remember getting a ride in his car (supercharged RSX), when we were done lets just say I had a grin from ear to ear for the rest of the day! After, I couldn’t stop thinking about driving and what I would get for my first car, it gave me something else to do, something to strive for. That next set of wheels, or lip that I’ve been wanting.  Many of us know this guy that got me started in the car game as “Coke In a Can,” after that day in his car, I knew him as family. I also have to thank Armando for all that he’s done in the game, and for the people in it. RIP Armando Flores Jr.  As we all know it's a lot more then just a car, at least to us. We look at a car as a platform, what’s going to be the first step that we take modifying it, or what can we do to make the vehicle better?

A friend of mine Chris got me into Miata’s and ever since I bought this one…it’s been an interesting learning curve. Coming from two Integras and a 240, the Miata is a lot slower and a lot smaller (I really had to “work with what I got” lol.) Chris and all of my friends/family have been there for me through each car that I’ve built and this one is nothing new. Seeing that Chris and I both drive Miata’s, we’re always trying to push each other, find the next thing that will put us over the top, and most importantly always have fun doing it.

I’ve always been really interested in either OEM look or the old school look. I feel that my car has a little bit of both of these styles in it.  My brother was always into the very simple yet clean look, and almost all of my cars have been similar to that platform.  Buying this car in completely stock form and being able to get it to what you see now is truly a blessing. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my job, friends or family.

Mod List

Raceland Trunk rack | Ebay roofwing | Project G side diffusers
Project G side vented windows | Side view Mirrors
East Coast Miata Turn signal intake | Garage Vary rep Front Lip
Oem Rear Lip | Shaved turn signals/ rear tail lights
Carbon Miata Rain gaurds

BlackBirdFabworks Single Diagonal Roll Bar
Recaro Pole Position seat with Garage Star Seat rail. | Takata Harness
Stainless brushed A/C vent rings
Nrg Quick Release w/ 360mm oldschoo WoodGrain Polished

Klutch Sl1 Wheels 15x8.5 +17 with a 5mm spacer wrapped with 195/45/15's Nexen3000
Blue Gorilla Lugs/ Blue Valve Stems | Raceland Coils


Track Dog Cooling panel | Custom Skid plate | Skunk 2 fender washers

Future Plans
Fully rebuilt, turbo ready engine, swap front and rear sub frames with 1.8 everything 
(much better than 1.6). Swap to NB dash.. Custom Door Cards. Passenger Bucket Seat, and a new set of wheels. Torsen Differential.

Shout Out
Last and foremost, shout out to my friends and family who have always been there for me, and a big thanks to all my second family Livin Low!

And also GripSet thank you for the opportunity in this feature, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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