Black Ice | May. 6 - 10

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Ricky G. - 2010 Hyundai Genesis
He's at it again, one of Gripsets very own, Mark Anthony, unleashes his talent on our latest feature. This new comer is destined for greatness with his visual prowess.
The empire strikes back. Hyundai refuses to leave America on bad terms. Some of us may recall the Korean auto manufacture and it's brand(s)Hyundai/Kia, our parents may or may not have passed them down depending on how long they lasted. Being the pun of every joke back in the day, it seemed this automaker was doomed. Struggling to remain a contender with top import brands Honda & Toyota, Hyundai almost called it quits and nearly withdrew from the us market. During the restructure of Hyundai, almost a decade ago, one of our Gripset members was privileged to be on-site, behind the scenes watching the seemingly bright future take shape. I do not think anyone was truly prepared for the success that would follow. During that time the Genesis was still a N/A powered concept, along with many other platforms which are now currently offered by Hyundai........lets all be thankful with the ever so changing laws factory forced induction cars are finally being widely produced in the industry. The new found style, speed, power, mated to a RWD gearbox and the best warranty in automotive history, Hyundai/KIA soared to new heights! Looking for the next best plaplatform Rick pulls out all the stops, to make his Genesis one of the best, and another mean street sweeper in socal.

The Motivation
 Well coming from my first car which was a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer, I had it semi looking decent. It was my first car and lasted me throughout high school with its share of ups and downs. Me being a highschool student I didn't have the funds to do anything drastic with my car. After graduating I was blessed to be hired as a full time employee in a hospital environment. I saved my money to originally buy a VW Gti cause I was in love with the Euro scene. Then on an odd Wednesday evening talking to my new neighbor outside, he turned me on to the Hyundai.  Talking me out of the euro world and why I shouldn't do it because maintenance is a PITA. Yes, I did what most people do when I tell them what I drive "What the heck, Hyundai?" He explained to me the sleek and sporty look of the all new Genesis and told me how much potential it had, underestimated by all. So as I was in the market of purchasing a new car, I pulled an all nighter doing my research on the car and absolutely fell in love. From that moment on the couldn't stop talking about this car. After a few months I finally made the purchase of my 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec and couldn't have been any happier! Now, since I had a stable job and was going to school I said to myself, "hey why not mod this car, like I always wanted to with my old one." I've always been into the fitment/hellaflush game since it began but never pushed forward with it. So again, I said "I will push the limits with this car." I started off with buying coilovers, then found a sweet deal on some Volks GT-Fs which were so light of a wheel and fun to drive with. My next set of wheels were a one-off set, one-off in the nation, LussoForged Deep incurvos that sat very well with the car fitment wise. Then I went on and bought exterior mods and here it is before you today. Words cannot describe how far I came from 2011 to 2013 on the look so much hard work, money, and time have gone into this and I'm glad with how great the car looks.


RMR CF front grill | GCTuner CFdiffuser | MS-R CF Front lip | Korean Import LED  Side mirrors | FlyRyde Custom blacked-out Headlights | 2013 Genesis Coupe LED tail lights | M&S Fog bezels

2011/2012 R-Spec Cloth/Leather seating | Crystal style extended shift knob

  2.0L RS Turbo Synapse SRI | TurboXS BOV | Custom 3in catback y-pipe exhaust w/quad tips | Cusco Catch cans

 Universal Air on Megan Racing Coilovers | Brembo big brake system.

Rotiform 3-piece Super Concave BLQ's 19x9.5/10.5 +12 offsets | Muteki extended black chrome lugs

 Future Plans
 Bride racing seats | Grip royal quick release | CF hood | CF trunk | Garret turbo build.

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