Bagged and Loaded | May. 6 - 10

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Samuel A. - 2008 Honda Civic Si

Photo cred. goes out to Gripsets very own Jon Tran. Thank You & Much love for making this and many other features possible!

Suprematism."The supremacy of pure artistic feeling." Phrases like white on white made famous via radio play can be traced back to early 1900s art, Coinciding with the Russian Revolution - we speculate inspirations for such art must have been the sea of snow! or a wild night life.... LOL! In any case, in respect to the term origin, the artistry exemplified here in Sammy's 4DR SI is just that. A WORK OF ART!  Now, most enthusiasts know that Honda failed to revitalize the true spirit of the DOHC VTEC powered 1999-2000 civic SI ( EM1 ) with their release of the 2001-2005 civic SI known as the EP3. Until the year 2006 when the revised SI's landed, offered in two configurations a sporty 2DR and the 4DR version. This revision had more power, it had a 6-spd transmission, it had style, it had those unique body lines that set it apart from the other basic DX LX EX model civics. Quickly regaining it's position at the top of the podium. The branded SI interior and exterior badges, were key features well placed throughout the car. Loaded with heritage this package was left signaling passers-by like the naval S O S; the undeniable SI had RETURNED!  

So read on and in the meantime #repgripsetyabish #gripset  #sammydunktoughtme

The Motivation
 I honestly can't lie, since I was a little kid I always wanted a truck just lowered and some rims, but I can truly say my cousin with his civic motivated me, pushing me, to build my car. I started off with a 2008 base model civic 4 door, it just had lowering springs. As time passed I got more into it and bought some a carbon fiber bits. I also sported some Honda factory wheels (hfp) for a bit, I thought it all would last then realized I needed a bit more power. So I then sold the base model civic and got me an SI. Which is the one I have now; it’s a 2008 fa5. Capitalizing on the cars look was my primary goal. I first went with a suspension upgrade using some skunk2 pro s's and the hfp rear lip, which eventually led me to do an fd2 rear conversion. Two weeks later I decided I wasn't feeling the skunk2 suspension and ditched those in favor of buddy club n+. Among the next visual purchases were DC5R red recaros and my first set of wheels, fully polished Work vsxx. Never satisfied with my build I always felt there was a good amount of things missing from my car. So I sold the Recaros, sold the vsxx which later brought me to these status seats and BBSs. Like the old Prince song, never satisfied, I even changed my trunk, then I went with OEM 09+ fd2 Tail lights, the OEM front JDM conversion, and interior etc etc.  For the year I’ve had my car it’s been through many changes from interior to exterior and I'm still not satisfied lol..... its honestly a never ending build until the day I decide to sell my car!!

Bride zeta 3 type L | Buddy club untra low rails | Marvel door inserts
Blox gold shift knob | Extended shifter | Red suade shift boot
2 Takata harness | Nardi deep corn 330mm | Nrg hub
Nrg quick release | Hfp red floor mats


Oem jdm front end | Oem mugen front lip | Oem fd2 09+ tails 
Vis do-luck trunk painted white | Hfp rear lip

Ksport air system | Skunk2 rear camber arms | Ingalls camber bolts 2 sets 

88Rotors & Brakes

Bbs rs 17x9.5+12 3.5" lips 4" lips | Gold plated hex
Gold plated bolts | White faces | Red/ gold center caps 

215/40/17 Achilles all around

Future Plans
I honestly have so many different things I have in mind in the Future for my car, I can honestly say it’s a never ending build. If I had to narrow it down Is just to be super charged by the end of the summer, My mail goal is to go to a show/meet and go without a hood, I know it sounds funny being all into the "stance" scene but like to mix it up even though I won’t be racing it sure adds a pop.

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