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Pedro M. -2000 Volkswagen Golf

Antonucci, Antonucci, Antonucci!!!! Shout out to Gripsets very own Michael Antonucci, our NJ photographer, This is his FIRST OFFICIAL FEATURE. Loaded with talent, as he already has another feature on the waiting list! His dedication is remarkable as he stays in touch with the Fam.

In closing tribute to the SOWO 2013 Event, held in Helena, GA. One of the biggest VW car/fan events known to man, AT LEAST IN THE  USA, OK! A memorable 3 Nights of Pleasure and Pain! Gripset brings yet again another fabulous German classic to the forefront, hoping it's a great weekend cap and that your not too dub'd out just yet. The "VW Golf." What a Euro dominating show season, Euro after Euros have just been killin it! Years now we've been witnessing the onslaught From Audi's to VW's, old and new, just every generation, and everything in between has been brought to the table making it a glorious feast for the eyes. They come, they get lower, the wheels get wider, and it all just blends together as if they were engineered so. The balance seen here is evidence. Pedro Ms; white and gold color way gives a sexy attitude to his ride, the fitment does the rest - Icing the cake of a well rounded automobile. You see, it doesn't matter how long it takes you to get here nor there, all that matters is you accomplish what you set out to do.......then let the rest of the world relish in your creation!

 #sowo2013 #sowo

It all started more than 15 years ago when one of my friends had bought an Mk3 golf and let me take it for a ride. Soon after that ride I completely fell in love. It old myself I had to get me a VW. So when 2000 came along I found a candy white golf FS and jumped on it. Being that there's not many modified 4 door golfs and be a daily driver I enjoyed building it a lot more. From different phases such as crazy front bumpers, big diameter wheels I decided I needed to change things up a bit. I purchased a front and rear euro bumper; decided I need to give the bumpers and side a bit of a flare so I went with the OEM euro 25th Ann body kit. I was riding on some 19" Rial Daytona race wheels and on some B&G coilovers for suspension. I wasn't too fond of the 19" so I traded with someone for the Kenisis Supercups and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. Air ride had just got introduced a year or two before,  I liked the idea so I started piecing it together with the help of Andrew from Open Road Tuning. Then due to a little incident of having two spoilers on my hatch I had to get my hatch redone so I shaved the hatch and had the roof painted black. I came across a really good deal on a set of 20th Ann. Seats so I couldn't pass that up. The honest motivation for me is support and ideas from great friends such as Flex, Ricky F, Preto, Time4fun, etc. I also can't forget about my family especially my wife who deals with my crap from this car every day.


Full euro 25th Ann. Body kit | OEM front & rear euro bumpers | Shaved hatch
Shaved hood & bumper notch | FK badge less grille
OEM euro 25th Ann. Headlights | OEM euro taillights
OEM stubby pass. Mirror | VW Phaeton antenna

20th Ann. Front & rear seats | ABD cluster overlay
Jetta ac/heat vents | 20th shift knob | MOMO steering wheel

GIAC chip | GHL cold air intake
Techtonics tuning 268 cam | Neuspeed adj. cam sprocket
Neuspeed 60mm 1.8t exhaust (20th Ann.)

Techtonics tuning light weight flywheel & VR6 clutch
Neuspeed short shifter (inside vehicle) | Gruven parts billet short shift kit

20th Ann. front & rear brakes

Rare 18" 5x100 Kenisis Supercups
18x9 front et? | 18x10 rear et?

Neuspeed rear sway bar | Bagyard Bomber front air struts
Firestone rear bags | ACCUAIR switchspeed management
Custom air hardlines by myself

Future Plans
I have plans on giving it a few more modifications, I currently working on a VR6 engine swap with a partial engine bay shave, some interior modifications and a full re-spray on the outside.

Shout Out
Ricky F | Carlos  "flex" | Spriggs "Preto"
Paul "Time4fun" | Andrew m. @openroadtuning
My old DJD crew (dirty jersey dubs)
To my Family, wife, mom, dad, and sister 
Also my daughter Makayla who is my pride and joy
Hopefully one day it'll be for you

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