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Dan D. "1990 Acura Integra"

Big respects and thanks to one of our latest Gripset collabs; a man who was really enthusiastic about shooting this feature for us. Good lookin.....Ivan Asuzano  
(if you guys would like to see more head over to his FB!

North American Califas! If you haven't seen it in Cali, then it probably didn't exist. In our opinion kings of the trends......sike! Once upon of time that was true, but now-a-days the market is so huge you can see rides with the "cali-feel,'' anywhere. Clean and simplistic is just one of those global presentations that's undeniable, loved by many, appreciated by all, and  ever so sought after. Going over board is so easy with a wide array of "ricer" parts. Striking rides like Dan Ds are the best ones, old and clean, borderline relics, clinging to the clean basics. We all have been around the block once or twice and know love has to be pumped into such gems to preserve their beauty. When it comes to fixing up the aged DA/EF chassis it's no joke, many often bow out. The daunting tasks of just regular maintenance and servicing old worn bushings is enough to drive a piggy bank low. Allocating oem accessories alone can cost upwards of an arm an leg, hunting them down can give headaches for many moons, the finally executing the plan causing sleepless nights. The best part about all the hardwork; at the end of the day, the most rewarding part is................. Gripset is out to recognize it all.

Read on to get the full scoop, and until we meet again #repgripsetyabish

The Motivation
For as long as I could remember this car has been in my family. My uncle drove it to family gatherings often and whenever he visited our house,  but not once did I ever think of its potential.  After losing my civic si to vandalism, I needed a car to drive. Low and behold my uncle sold me this, his, Jasper Green 1990 Acura Integra. The reason I got into the car scene was because of my good friend Johnison Sang. We both had no idea what to do, lol,  we didn't see much DA's around here so there wasn't much to go off of. My first goal was to get the car fitted with bbs rs, but I opted for Enkei 92's, since they were the closest to them and were more affordable, right after that everything just started to fall into place. I began to meet more people who were into cars and the fact that I had friends in this hobby made me feel more at ease. You can say that most of my motivation came from all the stuff that has happened to my DA: It got side swiped, then it got broken into and everything was stolen, even my wink mirror, my slap in the back. Instead of killing me off it gave me more drive. 

Then came the red..My motivation for the color has to do with characters in the DC Comics, Flash was my favorite but Iron Man's maroon and gold look was something that I thought would give it more of an edge. My girlfriend and I went through a whole bunch of reds before we decided which one was right. Something that wasn't too bright and not too dark, but where you can still look at it and say yeah that's red. What motivated me to get these BBS' was our invite to the 2012 SF AUTOSALON. I knew I had to make my car more show worthy compared to my simple Enkei 92's. I just knew I had to get the BBS's they were what I've always wanted, on top of that it would be a win win for the show. Going from pretty much nothing , to becoming a part of the crew called Final Stage of SF things have definitely changed. The crew started out in 2010, still relatively new, and now we're trying to get our name out there, done the right way. Being in this family of a crew always keeps me motivated, always upping the ante on how to make my car better for upcoming shows. I'm sure my build is definitely not going to end here and with out them, I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten this far in the car game. 


AEM CAI | Hytech Tri-Y 4-2-1 Headers | Aftermarket Hi Flow Cat | Tanabe Concept G Catback Exhaust

Custom Copper Red Mica Paint Finish | OEM 1-Piece JDM Headlights | JDM Side Markers | JDP Carbon Fiber Front Lip | JDP Rear Trunk Spoiler Lip | HONDA ACCESS Side Window Visors | OEM Hood Bra | OEM Roof Visor | OEM Mud Guards | JDM Rear Window Visor

Nardi Deep Dish 330cc Steering wheel | NRG Quick Release & Hub | Skunk 2 Limited Edition Shift Knob
Pioneer AVH-8400BT 7" Double Din | 2 12" JL Subwoofers in a JLAudio Prowedge Box | 500jx JL Audio Amp
Wink Mirror | C-Pillar Bar | Mugen Racing Pedals

Suspension / Wheels
KSport Kontrol Pro Coilovers | Skunk 2 Front Camber Kit | Rear SPC Camber Kit | Function 7 Rear Control Arms
BBS RS 16x9.5 +10 White w/ Gold Flake Face with Gold Dipped Spikes & Fully Polished Lips  made custom from MemoryFab | Wrapped in 205/45R16 Achilles ATR Sports

Future Plans
With future plans it's honestly endless, I have a whole list of things I plan to get on my phone haha. To finish up the interior,  I plan to get a pair of Recaro Confetti Seats, Nardi Wood Grain Deep Dish steering wheel and dye my carpet black for a clean look. Engine wise in the long run I'm planning on doing a k20 swap, but probably within the year I'm going to try and build a GSR motor swap and complete wire tuck with a lot of engine bay work by the next big show. This car is my Daily Driver believe it or not but riding low and cruising is something I won't get tired of. Of course after learning the roads lol.   I'm pretty sure I'm never gonna sell this car and I plan to keep it mint, clean and fitted as long as I can.

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