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#ShrinkAllTheCars Meet - PA

A Huge Thanks to our Gripset Collab. Jeremy King for covering this event on behalf of GS, as much as we would like to be in and attending every single event we just can't, but glad to have our Collabs! Those that support us and are willing to share their work with us make a huge contribution to our GS fam!

 It is always amazing to see an event created for a good cause, not many out there do it for a good reason. Let’s admit it most are just to show off your car, don't get us wrong we love to see progress of what enthusiast are doing and how the scene is changing. However, the #ShrinkAllTheCarsMeet was a bit different, hosted by Chad Kreiling for his friend Cory who has Cystic Fibrosis and is currently on a Lung Transplant list, awaiting a fresh set of lungs. It all started as a small idea to help Cory and his family who were going to face a huge financial problem due to the need of this surgery. Huge costs, like foods, transportation, medical supplies etc. were now Cory's burden.  You may be asking what does #ShrinkAllTheCars mean? Well using Instagram many IG users starting making popular the mini car photos, and it became a hit as the word spread around. Basically, grabbing an original photo of the car you and "Shrink it" using Photoshop; giving off the illusion of a mini/toy car. In addition to that, Chad created the idea of making a donation for each shrink he did, with just $5 dollar  minimum. It was all a part of  the fundraiser for Cory and his family. As we all know Instagram has become huge and through Instagram the word spread like a wildfire making this fundraiser even bigger. Chad was able to raise roughly about $5,600 dollars for Cory during his 2 months with abou 950 cars shrunk. It is really amazing to see the community stand together and unite for such a good cause. After raising the money Chad wanted to let the community get together and present Cory with the proceed.......what better way than to do it up big, in the traditional American flare, GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! So he created a meet on behalf of this whole extravaganza, which was held on April 14th at the FDR Skate Park, PA.

Coverage by Jeremy King.
Gripset Collab.

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