Refugee Camp | Apr. 22 - 26

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Jandy I. - 1997 Civic CX

Noo booty!? Fresh meat!? Aweee get um gurrrrlssss! Let us welcome new comer Mark Vasquez, Repn' southern califas. One of the latest "Official"  Gripset photographers, who came out swinging and making this feature happen!!!

This week we won't ramble on about a cars heritage, but the heritage of a cars owner! What the heck does that mean? Well.....stick around like Slick Rick would say, story telling time - about some of the best friends we've known. Just shy of a decade ago, we met this guy, who introduced us to this guy amongst a group, and these guys were a group of guys that we now know as my extended family. We were a family of car lovers united. United as rookies, we were just kids; the ''JDM KIDS,'' in fact.  We were a tight nit click that enjoyed family events as well as the street and show circuit in one anothers company - NO HOMO! Our "refuge" scene around this time was true to form, good meets, and good races.  Landmarks such as: Tab Tuesday, Ontario street races, Strawberry Fields, Nogales burgers made great locations for memories. Industry/Westco was our stomping grounds. 

The turning point was what fate would have in store for us, that would tear at the seams of our unity and friendship! It was 12.13.05 ( hence the 1213 ), the embedded date, one winter eve something riveting, and tragic, took place in our personal lives. We would share the loss of our crews glue. The loss of Jon "Kwite" Gil, one of the best brother's from another mother you could ever asked for!!!! The pain that followed was like a dropped ming vase, as all the pcs. scattered searching to regain themselves. Never really loosing touch with each other, friends we all remained over the years. With us grown older, a few of us with kids, jobs, love lives, and reckoning with being victims of theft we were forced to leave our Honda dreams in the shadows. Little did we know, one guy in particular ( mr hush hush blammmmm ) would return with a passion of old, unwithered! A vigil! The memories, the friendship, the comradery, the merit, the basis for a well built feature - Celebrating the conquest of life, and the impact of a brothers love it is a high honor and privilege to feature the rise of Jandy I's B16Beast!!!


 The Motivation
Refuge and balance. With all the stuff I have going on, the car is like a sanctuary for me, my own "feel good" shit! A place where nothing else matters. A place where I can think and reminisce about good times. Memories that I've cherished, get to be relived. As for the car itself, my motivation was; build something balanced, functional, and pure to the idea of the jspec concept. Not because racecar! LOL  As I have grown, so has my understanding of building Hondas. As you walk the uneven road of Honda building, you hope somewhere along the way you can ultimately, somehow, balance yourself.  I've learned many things from this passion of Honda tuning that has contributed to who I am today. But above all, Ive learned at the heart of honda tuning that you should not sacrifice overall balance for anything! Overall balance functions!  And function should not compromise......


The almighty B16B | OEM B16B Transmission W/ LSD | PWJDM Carbon Fiber "whale penis" intake arm and filter | AZRACE motor mounts

wilwood 4 piston caliper | wilwood 11" slotted/cross drilled rotors | wilwood steel braided lines | wilwood race pads | wilwood hi temp brake fluid

onmi power street coilover | function7 rear LCA | asr subframe brace | asr 24mm anti sway bar | arp extended studs | blox lug nuts | 10mm wheel spacer

CTR headlights w 6k hid | CTR front grille | spoon rep cf front lip | spoon rep cf duckbill wing | cf motorcycle mirrors on oem base plate | Jdm EK9 thin side Molding | pci towhooks

Wheels and Tires
949 racing 6ul 15x7 | Falken ziex912 205/45/15

buddy club wide bucket seats | buddy club low rise rail/sliders | takata 4pt harness'
takata gel pads | nardi 360 deep corn steering wheel | nrg slim quick release | momo hub adapter | Spoon shift knob | Circuit hero shifter extension
Radio block off | CTR instrument gauge cluster | godspeed 6pt roll cage | godspeed miracle crossbar

Future Plans
buddy club cams/valvetrain | rear disk brake conversion | front splitter/rear wing

Shout Outs
big bad "cali luv" crew, the “kids” family, nastie garage, nite grind - Gripset! 
Happy Birthday, babe. we go together like pb & j. (pun intended)

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