Grocery Getter | Apr. 15-19

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Brenda S. and Matt B. "2005 Acura TSX"

Rodney Waller get's his hands dirty yet again, grinding away with another Gripset feature; Our first TSX!

When fashion begets passion, passion will beget fashion........even if it's a set of pink shoes flying by as they rest snug under the fender of a black back drop. The TSX has been amongst us for the past 9 years, almost a decade since it's debut in 2004. In such a short time it has become one of the most lovable ''grocery getters,'' released by Honda Motor Co. A genuine sensation really. It's chassis was meant for modding. The aftermarket support for the K-series power plant paired with part interchangeability/mod-ability made it perfect for a tuners dream family ride come true. Translation, it meant, Daddy could give up his death trap ''race car'' and have a fast car that Mommy could drive, hauling the kids from A to B. All  the meanwhile, unbeknown to your local law enforcement a beast lay tamed under the hood, tucked away in the smoothest of body offerings from Acura. That is assuming speed and raw power was daddy's thing! If it wasn't, and daddy just cared about appearance and doing the limbo, yet still lacked two more doors it was, and is, one of the most suitable upgrades. "Four doors, equals more ......," anyway! So in the end, it doesn't matter if your just about the stance of things, or you wish to create a simple head turner, or a tear jerker. Living life like it's stolen is the key. His an Her passion is the way to go if you must share, and if you must share, let it be with the one you love!

......let them judge, we don't give a fudge. you do you, while we do us! #repgripsetyabish

The motivation
FAP FAP, A tantalizing tease, this car exudes a quiet grace. A stance daily driven grocery getter, which we had for less than two years and put over 40k plus miles on. Although a four-door sedan, this isn’t your average TSX. Enjoying both style and ride, “TSexy” is just a car for us to save money on gas without having to drive the gas guzzler. We always have been into modified cars. Usually fapping away looking at car porn and getting ideas. At first we were just going to get a Honda Accord but when we went to shows we always saw modded civic and accords. So we thought, why not step our game up to an Acura. At first it was the Acura TL but again noticed a lot of fixed up TL’s so we went for the TSX. Most shows and local meets around the area would only have one or two TSX’s. Most of the comments we get are “Wow that’s an awesome TL” And we would say “Nah Bro that’s a TSX”. We have noticed more and more people talking about getting a TSX around our area. Which is cool for us, we might have to move on to the next project like most car enthusiast.


18x9.5 MB Battles with 15offset all around

Buddy Club N+ coilovers
Camber Kits
Front - Skunk2 | Rear - Wicked Tuning

Comptech short shifter with a razo shift knob | Strut king pedals | Two Power acoustik headrest tv’s

Aspec front lip |  Heeltoe foglights with pink hids and clear headlights | Carbon fiber wraped the grill | Debadge acura emblem & tsx emblem | Tanabe Medalion Touring exhaust | Comptech Swaybar | Godspeed front tow Hook

Three 10’’ rockford fosgate p3’s with a rockford fosgate p1000-1bd amp built and installed by me | trunk also as a spare pink Mb battle

Didn’t really want to mod wanted to save on gas | Hybrid racing bushing | Took out resonator | K&N filter

Future Plans
Upgrade interior speakers, Also next season a different set off wheels, Front Recaro seats and looking into getting the car caged.

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