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Early Edition - Northampton, UK

Big shout out and much love goes to our one & only U.K Gripset Photographer Neil Sterry representing so hard every chance he can, and bringing us as much coverage from the U.K. He will be traveling to France to cover another event for us soon. So much hard work, Def. an honor to have him with us. 

Everyone around the world is getting ready for this 2013 show season and as much as we all like to be everywhere we just can't, this is why Gripset is here! We bring you as much coverage as we can muster. Just like Early Edition, which was presented by Edition 38 on April 14th at the Saints, Franklins Gardens - Northampton. Some of you may have seen our last years coverage of Edition 38 (2012), if by some stroke of luck you haven't? Then make sure to "Search: Edition 38" on our home page. As they prepare for another Edition 38 gathering  (scheduled to be held on Aug. 30-31 & Sep. 1 of this year) they couldn't wait to get things started so they hosted an 'Early Edition' which opened bright and early at 9am. A live DJ, was on site to set the tone for kicking things off. If you want to know more about it then make sure to check their official site at:


Coverage by Neil Sterry
Gripset Photographer.

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