Redrum | Mar. 4-8

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AJ N. "1992 Acura NSX NA1"

This weeks feature credits go to, Ed Whitbeck, reppin' MD; who met up with AJ one frosty morning before the sunrise. Not only was it cold out, it was also time consuming to cruise about an hour just to be on location. Ed is one of the newest additions to the Gripset Fam, and he's already slaving away to make you all happy!! We know it's peak winter in states and the mornings can be down right brutal; So thanks again to all of our team, and our features, willing to play some hard ball.

SOOOOOOOWOOOOP! Classic Japanese muscle in her best red dress. The Acura NSX! When supercars, were super cars, before super cars, were even supercars. Back in 1990, before many of you or we even didn't knew these cars existed this powerful martyr laid rubber to the pavement. From 1990-2005 this titanium rod V6 was produced - "kickin butt and takin names." Collecting prestigious awards along the way.  What made her famous was her sleek body lines, and performance rivaling the likes of Italy's Ferrari 348. Loaded with design and technology influences from Hondas F1 (Racing Program / Circuit), the NSX could sprint from 0-60mph in 5.2secs. Now if you don't think that's fast, there are only 3 other cars produced after the launch of the NSX to match that time slip. Young or old, this is a true collector's car, right up there with the skyline r32.

 The motivation
 I have always been into cars and been motivated to build clean cars, cars that speak me, from tracked out evos too clean M3s.The NSX was never on my list of cars to build or even own, it is a quiet, nonchalant kind of vehicle. I, on the other hand am a very loud goofy person. Yes I've looked on or auto trader here n there to see the prices but who hasn't. As I was in the market for a new car, a fresh build, I came across an NSX at a local show. I’ve never gave a hard look at these until talking to the owner. An elder gentleman, and we talked for a good hour or so and I was sold. Hearing how respectful the NSX community is was a key factor I was looking for; doing more research on the car and realizing how incredible this car was for its time in 1991 and even now sold me even more. I wasn't worried about the horsepower numbers because it beats every other category. Three months in searching, finally found the one I wanted, sitting at an Acura dealer. Drove up to check test drive it, finding out I would be the second owner encouraged me to purchase it.  A year ago is when my car sat foot bone stock in my driveway and I would say it has changed a good amount since then. With the Wings West front lip and Down Force side skirts, to the drop from the Stance coils and tarmac contact with the Work Wheels, the car couldn't stand any more beautiful. When we build cars, we build them for ourselves but it’s a great gratitude to know someone else appreciates the work we do.


Work Miester S1 3 piece Matte gunmetal/polished cleared lip (very rare) 18x8f18x9r Falken 215/245 tires all around
Project Kick R40 lug nuts with stud covers | Wings West front lip | Down force Stacey Side skirts | Seibon rear spoiler | NSX prime turn signal covers | head light HID kit
BC racing coils 10/12k
SOS carbon intake | SOS test pips | DTM exhaust (perfect pitch)
MOMO steering wheel with NRG quick release and hub

Future Plans
My future plans are a mess right now. Owning an NSX isn't easy. When i had my Evo or Supra, the blueprints were all over, big turbo, sticky tires, nice wheels, the the NSX has no blueprint. Every owner does their own thing and that makes it easier to be different but harder to have  reassurance that the build will come out looking good. I do want more power but not sure how much ,so for now I plan on doing Individual throttle bodies, to see if thats enough of what I'm looking for (power wise). For the exterior, I plan on going with a Taitec JGTC front bumper. I am in search of a big break kit but not sure if I want to go with your average Stoptech or go with a more factory look by using Acura RL four piston brakes.  Interior is actually my next challenge. Having some aclantara replacing some leather inserts and roof lining( same material on Evo and STI seats) would bring the NSX up to style. Recaro Speed seats and a whole new sound system.

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