Paint Dead | Mar. 4-8

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Marc D. "2002 Audi A4"

Our second feature of the week and once again all due to Ed Whitbeck, that has been working those extra hours for Gripset. We appreciate that a lot from him & everyone else on the crew that always shows support. Marc D. drove about 7 hours to meet with Ed to get this shoot done and we appreciate that as well!

Ahhhhhhh cuh, look what you did now!!!! A bloods and crip week! YES! Another Audi taking the spotlight on Gripset. The VAG scene has been increasing and it changes the game in the way individuals work on their cars. Back in the days, and we don't mean way back, but a yester-year, everything was about slammed, springs and coilovers. Do the limbo, how low can you go was the thing to do. However, when bags debuted it was a sensation, it made sense and became the popular thing and for some...a reasonable way to have their daily car slammed, and functional. Enthusiast like Marc and many others starting viewing these possibilities of lowering their car without having the issue of not being able to get into those hard to reach places. So bags logically became the option. Many still say "Drive it how you park it" but let's be honest, who wouldn't love to raise their car at the push of a button, when you see that SPEED BUMP? Anyways, we aren't here to change your mind or to tell you what is right or wrong because GRIPSET LOVES IT ALL! Import or domestic, Static or Bags. All it matters is that YOU love it. Just like Marc loves his Audi and we can see that because it shows. Let us hear a little bit more from him about what his motivation is.

The Motivation
I drive a 2002 Audi A4. I helped my best friend create CL Designs, a company that specializes in vehicle wraps. We like to try to push things to the next level. Paint is dead, and we pride ourselves in that. North Carolina isn't known for having many well known "vag" cars but that's definitely something that has changed significantly the past year or two. I've owned my car for 7 years now and it has taken that long to get to the point that is now. With the help of some great friends we push each other to never be satisfied with our cars, and not be afraid to try something off the walls. We're about that "bagged & wrapped life" as we like to call it. My car has gone through several stages along the years, from the beginning sitting on lowering springs and Rial wheels, to dragging everything static on racelands and Miros, finally bagging the car last winter and wrapping it matte white on alphards, and now finally the matte blue metallic on Image's. As an official dealer for Open Road Tuning, along with being a part of the vinyl shop, we expect nothing less of our cars. Hopefully it shows through the work that we have done.


Wrapped Matte Metallic Blue by CL Designs

Bagged on a complete Airlift XL kit by Open Road Tuning

Image DM CLassic wheels 18x9" front / 18x10" rear.

AP Racing 4 piston BBK

Future Plans
As for the future it involves a fresh wrap color for SOWO, I will be purchasing a euro trunk this month for the car, and have a few other small surprises before the show. You'll just have to stop by our booth to find out

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