Heavy Rotation | Mar. 25-29

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Chris T. " 1993 Rx7 FD"

Gripsets R. Patterson ups the ante with his 3rd installment, and this latest crowd pleaser! As all our "Gripset Fam" repeatedly puts their best foot forward, keep feeding us that motivation by reppin Gripset! #gripset #repgripset

FAST AND FURIOUS didn't make this car famous, this car made that car famous, and made watching fast and furious more tolerable! LOL. We're jut glad the evolution of both make for some refreshing visual temptations. The 3rd gen RX7, aka FD has been a desired horse for the stable for quite a while among car enthusiasts. Seeing such beauties is not as common as most other vehicles these days; since production ceased years ago. The once saturated market of tuners, parts, accessories, both domestic and abroad has now become a battle arena; where "only the strong survive!" Like many things, you just got to pay to play to attain the best of. Given it's unique skill-set, differentiating itself from any other Mazda the FD is a remarkable machine. It's rear-wheel drive layout backed by a sequential twin-turbo was the root of all it's evil. This hypebeast revitalized and revamped became Mazdas ace in the hole. This was undoubtedly, pound for pound, the best car Mazda had built to date. Built for the American market, off field - and beating out Porsche on field solidified the "winning," of this car. You don't believe us? Ask Charlie Sheen!

The Motivation
After months of searching on Craigslist for a car that was something not to many other people have; I stumbled upon a 1993 bone stock Rx7 FD. The car was an automatic, garage kept, by an older gentlemen who just wanted a classic car rather than a relatively modern import.  As soon as I arrived at the sellers house I immediately fell in love with it. The FD has been a "realistic" dream car since my childhood. On top of that it was only 7k! Which is pretty damn cheap for a running driving FD even automatic. At the time I didn't know too much about rotary motors. I quickly found out that FD means "Financial Disaster". The past 5 years that I've owned the car it's already seen 3 motors, currently on the 4th with only 30,000 miles of drive time since purchase. As fate would have it, I met a guy at a local meet who also had an Rx7 and had built a few 400+whp setups including his own. After blowing up 3 stock motors I decided to make some changes. Last winter I purchased another motor since mine was too damaged to rebuild. I sent it off to Banzai Racing, which is an amazing company! They rebuilt my motor and also did my super aggressive street port. Fast forward past the engine build, the motor arrived at my buddys  house - we got to work on getting everything started/sorted. A few months of waiting on parts to be made; the car began coming along nicely. Since the motor was already taken care of, I figured I'd focus on some aesthetics......... it was time to buy wheels!   So many options out there, after changing my mind over a dozen times I decided to go with a classic; the TE37. I'd have to say choosing wheels was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life. With the show on the road, I later bought some dope exterior goodies which included: 99 spec tail lights, 99 spec, side steps and a street diffuser which was replaced with the more aggressive pro diffuser. Altogether now, it was time for a tune.  I don't care too much for high HP numbers, or highway cars,  my focus is driveability the perfect cap to an all aorund car. Even though the motor is well capable of 500+whp, I tuned the car around 400whp. I like keeping it somewhat reliable; and it's currently running well.  Next I figured it was time to focus more on exterior bits, my most recently purchase was a super find, a RE-Amemiya tai light cover and custom HotWater Labs headlight kit. Some of my FDs prize possessions.


Aggressive street ported 13b motor | 2mm super apex seals | Banzai Racing block off plate kit | Banzai Racing OMP block off plate | Banzai Racing oil pan brace | Banzai Racing polyurethane motor mounts | Underdrive pulley kit | resurfaced flywheel | Garrett T04z BB turbo | Custom manifold | Custom down pipe | Custom Mid pipe | Tail 44mm waste gate | Greddy elbow | Custom intercooler/radiator set up | Greddy oil catch can | Pettit AST | Greddy full titanium exhaust | Walbro 255 fuel pump | Modified OEM primary fuel rail | 550 primary injectors | KG Parts secondary fuel rails and adapters | Bosch 1680cc secondary injectors | Aeromotive FPR and gauge | HKS high power ignition system | Apex'i ECU with commander | Greddy boost controller | Greddy turbo timer | Prosport Wideband kit | Prosport boost gauge | Batter relocation kit | Spec stage 3 clutch 

Fortune Auto 500 series coilovers | Swift spring upgrade | Super Now bushing kit | Slotted drilled rotors | Hawk HPS pads. 

99 spec front lip | Shine Auto side steps | Shine Auto Pro diffuser with center dividers | HotWater Labs custom headlight kit with HIDs | 99 spec tail lights | RE-Amemiya tail light cover 

Wheels and Tires 
Volk TE37SL 18x9.5 and 18x10.5 | Hankook Ventus V12 Evo tires 

NRG hub adapter | NRG 2.5 ten quick release | Nardi 330mm leather deep cone wheel | Fortune Auto titanium shift knob | OEM RX7 floor mats

Future Plans
 Next up is paint, interior, new wheels, Recaro pole position seats, Shine Auto vented hood and Custom Roof wing. However Ill have to keep that a secret for the time being. Just know It will be dope! 

Shout Outs
Matt Sweeley @sweeleybuilt
Benny @Bubbletech
Phillips and Jose @hotwaterlabs
Jen and Terry @fortuneauto
Adrian @dodologic
Ben @rotaryextreme
Chris @banzairacing

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