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Alek K. "2007 Dodge Charger SRT8"

Our Gripset Family just keeps growing more & more and due to that, we had the pleasure of adding one of our newest members Jon Tran, from day one he has showed support and enthusiasm. This is his FIRST feature with Gripset, which came out perfect, if you ask us!

Now what do we got here? A Dodge Charger. A little stray from our norm!? Well not at all, because anything in the streets, is our norm! Definitely has to be one of the cleanest we have seen so far ( at least on GS ). Not too many people have a thing for them there chargers, and the ones that do usually tend to go different routes, kinda southern styled. You know oversized wheels, girl scout thin mint tires, and a sound system that rattles the street. Now some can say they love their car; since day one, they always wanted - Alek is one of them. With the support from his parents and girlfriend, he started that dream. Building his Charger. Not many us may  have all that support, the understanding and respect from our loved ones who appreciate our 'lifestyle'  but when you do it is a blessing to recognize, nothing  feels better then knowing they will always have your back no matter what! Enough of that, let us not get "EMO" over this............... lets hear from Alek a little more about what motivates him.

The Motivation
Back in 2010 I was still in high school and was getting ready to purchase my first car. Sat down with my parents to try to figure out what we could afford. I always wanted a lifted Chevy silverado. But that was out of the budget, so my mom said what about a Chrysler 300 or a dodge magnum or a dodge charger. So I did some googling and came across a forum dedicated to chargers and I fell in love. I ended up getting a black charger sxt. It had a little v6 which ended up on Craigslist and sold it in a week. 6 months of saving pass by and I come across this srt8 that I couldn't pass up. I bought it and already had a ton of plans for it! This car was my dream car when I first saw it and told myself one day I will have it and now it's all mine, somewhere I thought I would never be. So if I were to say what my motivation is, it my parents and my beautiful girlfriend. They are the only ones who understand why I spend loads of cash on my car (still spend more on my girlfriend). This car is like another child to my parents. My girlfriend gets jealous sometimes but i always remind them this car keeps me motivated to get school done and have a job. I plan on keeping this car until I'm layed to rest. I want this car buried next to me, if you only knew how much I care for this car.

Avant Garde F210 Form Series Wheels | Red Velvet |  22x10 +4 22x11 +1 | Nexens N3000 245/30/22 265/30/22 | Dodge R/T Daytona Lip | Flashtech RGB Halos | Billettechnology nose badge | Srt spoiler delete

Engine tuned by Diablosport Predator | SLP LM2 Catback

Carbon fiber wrapped pieces | Billettechnology goodies | All interior switches changed to red LEDs by Lux Technologies

Billettechnology Goodies | Fnkycld firewall | radiator shroud | clear fusebox cover | K&N CAI

Future Plans
I got a lot of future plans for this car. I don't think it will ever stop!
Already started installing a uas air kit with the full accuair system.
Re-barrel the outer barrels.something much more wider.
Interior changes , Sound system , more engine bay dress up
Some motor work. Waiting for the engine to hit 200k to do a engine swap to something bigger!
Trying to keep this car simple yet clean

Shout outs 
My parents
My girlfriend
The guys over at AG wheels
My boys from Unsuited

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