What the Ruck? | Feb. 4-8

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Harry P. "2011 Honda Ruckus"

Gripset yet again collabs to bring you some more of that "street heat...." Credit goes out to Christopher Umali 
 (aka Umali ) yaddamean yaddamen!

Street dreams are made like these! Often you see a person get into a hobby for a few reasons, the most common being they have a little money to blow, or they just want to be in, with the crowd. The true passion does not exist with those newcomers off the bat. For them it's a learning curve, and yet they still buy things for the oooooo and awwww factor or to win the heart of some broad they hope to meet. Some of them may never grasp it altogether. With true enthusiasts like Harry, they engulf themselves in the project to undertake. They dedicate there hours and sleepless nights, studying the target. Gaining the most knowledge possible for a proper blueprint. They see it all the way through, crossing every t, dotting every i. This genuine love for man and machine is a long walk, a path of pain and tears, upsets and joys until the day of reckoning. With a plethora of Ruckus's out there, there's only one path, "doing things my own way!" So sit back and enjoy what many love to hate, a guy on the rise with a unique ruck...............

The Motivation
What's going on guys. I have been "into" the ruckus scene for over 5 years...after stumbling across some pics on the interweb. It was love at first sight, lol ! However, I was still into the car thing, and sort of put it on the back burner. Fast forward December 2011, I walked into a Yamaha/Honda to "look" at one with my boy Henry, and the next night I was riding my brand new 2011 ruck home in 20 degree weather, The rest is history !

I originally had plans to change minor things on it here and there, but the more I read and learned about them the more I wanted to do to it. I wanted the bike to be clean and simple, yet with attention to the smallest of details. I knew it wouldn't be that easy or hard of a task, regardless I wanted help with someone with as much experience as possible. I then got in contact with Mr. Makoa Scooters himself Jay Martin (aka brahdahood) He's been a huge part of the scene pretty much since day one, and makes one of the best gy6 swap harness' out there. When I mentioned I was thinking of swapping out the carb for an EFI kit (fuel injection) he was more than game.

 I'm a firm believer of doing things right, or not doing them at all. I'm also big on never playing "follow the leader" or doing" the norm" Or what "everyone else is doing" which is also another one of the reasons why I bought a ruck! So with that said I equipped my ruck with everything!

I know I could have gotten a crotch rocket and called it a day, but it's really more speed than I care for, and the looks people give me while riding my ruck is priceless. I had a clear idea of how I wanted it to end up, and was really happy with the end result ! Jay was able to have the bike finished just in time for "The Fresh Meet" 07/12 in N.J. Where I won 1st place ruckus, but even better than that, I got to meet a bunch of really cool guys from jersey that I've only had to chance to talk to on the forums and what-not.

I've been fortunate enough to meet a lot of cool people throughout the past summer because of me being involved in the scene. I  really look forward to meeting a lot more and trying to make the scene bigger in NYC than what it is now.  Planning another big build for my bike. Aside from that I'm helping my brother in law build a Honda Met which should be pretty dope!


    Gy6 150cc motor 11 pole setup | Dr. Pulley clutch | Ban jing clutch bell & variator |Ncydrive face | Ecotrons EFI kit | Btx fatty header | Yoshimira exhaust | Composimo clocking flange | Composimo polished anklebiter | Composimo starter cover |Composimo fuel return cap |Composimo gy6 stance mount | Composimo coil/fuel pump mount
ncy polished intake manifold | Drowsports carbon fiber ram intake | K&N polished filter


Atr low stance shock | Rrgs lowdown forks | Brembo p32 front caliper |Atr 220mm disc |Ncy triple tree |cnc gunmetal levers | Rpro handlebars | 10" Work dish faced wheel | 12x7 dwt dish faced wheel w/ custom Standard Functions center cap | Continental zippy f&r tires


R6 taillight | Piaa 3000 headlight | Led license plate bolts | Stage6 controls | Ballistic 8 cell battery |Led front turn signals

Recaro wrapped seat | Stage6 left mirror | Mpab footbar (off of maggie may) |Hys under seat storage box | Ncy gas tank cover | Flp kickstand |Composimo gas cap | Mnnthbx dorf seat frame |Bowls license plate frame

Future plans
By the time this is posted my frame and motor will be in N.C. in the hands of John (Composimo)in the process of being rebuilt. I will be swapping in a Yamaha zuma 125 motor, which are VERY rare to come by. I'll be boring/stroking to 200+ cc's and changing everything else on the bike along with it. I really don't want to give too much away, but expect A LOT of  "one off's" on it.

Shout outs
I'd like to first and foremost thank wife Angela and 2 kids (aj and matty) for supporting the build! ...love ya! Huge thanks to my Sensei Jay (Makoa scooters) for helping/building my scoot! ...and aside from that being such a cool dude teaching me a lot of what I know about rucks. #nohomo haha Thanks to the PM crew and Vinny for late night wrenching, Sntrl (ken, prav) for everything! Chris Umali for the dope photoshoot! Composimo, Standard Functions, Rucksters, drowsports, Hi-Grade and totalruckus.com for supplying the great parts used to build my bike. Thanks to everyone else that contributed in one way or the other.

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