Straight Bagging it | Feb. 18-22

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Christian W. "2006 Audi A3 2.0T"

S/O to Bryan M. one of our Northern, VA Gripset photographers for making this feature happen!

Execution with style and grace. A simple yet clean daily that triggers a response from any crowd. Wagons are making a comeback this day and age. It's almost like the 2012 version of 21 Jump street where the hierarchy is flipped. The once not so popular chassis styles have gained much momentum in the US. With people so "on-the-go" these days, and looking for that combo ride, big things in small packages that deliver the most spacious of interiors - why not a wagon? Not only can you stunt slammed like two dudes in a miata with the top down, you can make your neighbor; the grouchy soccer mom jealous! Leave here wondering why her wagon is not as "cool." Tipping that scale is being low key from the police.......While their out chasing Hondas, your out enjoying the same lifestyle without the harassment. So this week, sit back and enjoy Christian's cripsy A3 wagon.

My Motivation 
The inspiration to build this car the way I have so far has come from a number of sources.  The main motivation being my own personal taste. There are a ton of different ways to build cars that I think are awesome, but for right now I just wanted to build a car that is clean and low. I've always loved the way the A3 looks after being modified, so I knew right away I had to get one. That is what stemmed my other motivation. I love knowing that there aren't a lot of modified A3's running around, but the ones that are look incredible. I love talking to other A3 drivers and seeing what tastes they have and what motivates them, and I apply that knowledge to my own build if I deem it necessary.

APR Stage 2 | APR RSC turbo-back exhaust | Audi S3 intercooler | Votex front lip | side skirts | roof spoiler | Audi A3 s-line rear valance | 3SDM 0.05's 18x8.5 et42 | Airlift XL front bags, double bellow rears | Accuair Switchspeed management | DieselGeek short throw shifter

Future Plans
In the future i will include the possibility of a full S3 body kit, revamping the interior with new seats, upholstery, steering wheel, etc. I think I can always strive for a better set of wheels, too. I'm not too far away from being complete with this build, and I'm so glad with how it has turned out so far. It can only get better!

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