NUROTAG Winter Edition | Event Coverage

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NUROTAG Winter Edition - Miami, FL

Once again Gripset was able to cover another amazing event from the beautiful  Sunshine state due to our Gripset Collab. Johnathan Oliva, Thank You for helping out, means a lot to us. 

You may be asking yourself "Winter Edition" in Miami, FL? Yes indeed. Nurotag is an event that starts in Miami and continues to Orlando, Virginia, Chicago and finally returns to Miami to finalize the All Star show in November 2013. Nurotag has a total of 4 seasonal events starting with this one the winter event that was taken place on Feb. 23 in Marlins Park, Miami FL. Let us a learn a bit about what NUROTAG is all about.

"Nurotag will host 4-four seasonal events starting with its winter event in February, and finishing with its final fall event in November 2013.
The top 25 cars of each season’s show will be invited back in this final event to participate in NRTG2KXIII’s final show appropriately named “nurotagallStars” in Miami, Fl.
nurotagallStars will consist of the top 100 cars selected from the previous shows and all will compete for the honor, recognition and prizes to the top cars in show. nurotag is a revolutionary brand that understands and appreciates cars, people, fashion, art and music. nurotag invites all guests to help decide the top cars of the events by utilizing social media’s Instagram to cast votes.
nurotag the brand, revolves around its series of events with each one gathering the best competing show cars. The events are fused with spectators, models, music and an unparalleled social scene."

Coverage by Johnathan O.
Gripset Collab.

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