Import Alliance Winter Meet | Event Coverage

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Import Alliance End of Winter Meet - Dallas, TX

Another event coverage for Gripset and all due to the Squirrel Squad that introduced us to Johnny Puy he that was pleased to collab & share his coverage from Import Alliance with us & just for us. Sadly, we can't be in every event all at the same time but the crew loves it when photographers are willing to help us out. Just shows us how much they love us and to show some love back we are glad to show their work with all of you. Winter is almost over for some states from East to West and as we can see Meets & Shows are starting to get back up and of course GRIPSET does the impossible to bring you any coverage that you might have missed. Import Alliance Winter Meet 2013 was at Texas Motorspeedway on Feb. 24th. Many have heard of Import Alliance but if you haven't yet lets heard from them a little bit about what they do and who they are. 

"It’s a grassroots style… cruise-in / meet / social gathering / show-n-shine / learning opportunity / teaching opportunity / marketing opportunity / motorsports event. ImportAlliance is everything that you love about import cars. It is not a lifestyle event. It is how people who enjoy import cars get together and have fun while learning things to make their cars better. ImportAlliance is about import cars and the people who drive them."

Keep on the look out because they will be having a Spring & Summer meet.

Coverage by Johnny P.
Gripset Collab.

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