Fruits of Labor | Feb.25 - Mar.1

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Clint F. "2004 Nissan 350z"

Credit this week goes to Cody Weins, for  a Gripset collab in a grandeur presentation.

The norm is not enough here, the variety and the truth is what we seek. Styles flavors passions intertwined to serve up some of the coldest whips you'd never see otherwise. We all know that's Z's and S2000's are among the hottest releases of the past decade. They've been modified and vary in tastes depending on the setting, but when all the smoke clears these domestic muscle cars hold their own. Now couple one of those cars with some highly sought after wheels and you've just mixed yourself one deadly ''Christmas in Mexico.'' 

note: if you ever wondered how gangsta a z would possibly be on daytonas/wire wheels, this is the best example without having to go all, Denzel in Training Day.

The Motivation
I bought this car while I was working trimming trees for hurricane sandy in New York. We were working 18hr days 7 days a week and I worked my ass off. So for being 20 years old I feel pretty good that I was able to buy this car on my own. I wanted the car because it was black and had that peanut butter interior and that was so hard for me to find specially in a manual 350z. When I bought the car it had ugly 20inch rims blue racing seat covers a fart can exhaust  and under glow. I knew I needed to bring it back to stock before anything.
My main motivation started back in high school. I have always been into cars, my dad builds old muscle cars and I love the way they look. Nice paint, lowered on nice rims, just the right definition of Clean and simple. And here in Wichita Kansas the import scene was bad for a little bit. Everyone was about racing, bigger turbo this, weight reduction that... I’m not about that life. I just like sitting low and cruising. So then the stance scene came around to Kansas! And it changed everything for me. Having good wheel fitment, no body kits no graphics just sitting low and looking clean. I remember I always wanted a Nissan z. My mom while I was growing up had a NA 1992 300zx And I loved it. When the 350z came out in 2003 I told my mom hey! I want that for my first car okay? And she just laughed.

So cars have always been a huge part of my life. To me it relaxes me and the entire long hours worked to buy those real wheels or those rare parts just seems worthwhile. It’s also good to have great friends. I have a best friend named Andres and he lets me use all of his tools on my car and he is very mechanically inclined. I think sometimes he is just as stoked to see my car fixed up as I am. If it wasn’t for him my car wouldn’t be sitting the way it is now.  Also when I saw SWANG AND BANG crew and LOW n SLOW crew online gave me a bit more motivation to keep doing what i was going for and  they really have beautiful cars. I told myself one day I will have a z and attempt to make it as clean as theirs of course this was back in high school. I am still nowhere near their level of class but hopefully as time goes on I can be. In Wichita Kansas the stance scene has grew a lot in the last 2 years. We have 3 main crews here. Lower-class which has a huge following and beautiful cars and Aspire which has the same and my crew with a few close friends called Low Lives which is the banner at the bottom of my windshield. Even though we are in different crews we all look at it like a family. It’s cool driving down the road and seeing a fitted car and saying what sup and giving them gratitude for straying away from the norm trying different things. Lower-class and aspire put on a few car shows a year called Smokey panda and they always have a huge turnout. It’s amazing how much cars can bring people together.

 Bc racing extreme drop coils with custom spring rates front and back and shorter springs in rear |Custom work Emitz | 18x10.5 -17 front and 18x11.5 -27 rear | Stillen exhaust | K&n cold air intake | Pioneer app radio double din and factory naviagation above |Short throw shifter
Jl components |Viper alarm

Future Plans
 I have only had this car for about 4 months and I am nowhere near done. My plan is simple…go wider and more low! I would eventually like to go with some deep dish 19s and lower it more. I plan on getting custom molded fenders and re-spray my car a pearl black, along with a few other cosmetics. Like 06/07 headlights 06/07 led tails a veil slide front lip and a new exhaust maybe a javelin I don’t know right now for sure. I don’t ever plan on getting rid of this car. I have wanted on ever since I was younger and I like the body styling of the z they have always been a beauty even if they aren’t modded. And I love all the attention and positive vibes from older folks that say they had an old 280z or a Datsun and that they love my car! Once you’re a z fan your always a z fan that’s how I feel. As far as other z’s goes my car isn’t done and it is far away from show quality but I love just cruising inches from the ground on wide wheels. Yes this is my DAILY DRIVER and I have fun doing it, being this low you really have to learn the streets lol but Wichita Kansas isn’t too bad all the time.

Shout Out
Thank you for your time Gripset and much love! I very much appreciate the opportunity.
I’d like to thank Andres loyzoya for helping me on my build and Cody Weins for always being down to shoot my car and my crew LOWLIVES and ONELOVE for supporting me and being a family.

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