American Evolution | Feb. 25 - Mar. 1

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John F.  "2011 Chrysler 300c"

When passion is the inspiration, time stands still John F, and Gripset photographer Colin K, got together in the weeeeeee hours of the AM to make this feature possible. These are just some of the extents, that highlight the dedication of our Gripset family and featured cars go through, to bring you some of the best coverage around the globe.

Out classing the standard of a domestic car. This week we glare at one lovely VIP styled 300c. Far from any factory option,  a package so sleek is surely a head turner. We don't know if many of you recall the debut of the Chrysler 300c, but with it's bigger badder brother Mr.Bently the sensation and popularity followed. Bentley conversions caught on quick and inflated the brand. Now fast forward to the present and wallah, a prime specimen that highlights bold cultures. Domestic muscle, and the finest influence of Japanese automotive styling, V I P. Raw power of the celestial HEMI coupled with air ride, huge forged wheels, custom interior as well as exterior parts make it a driving Michelangelo.

The Motivation
The concept for fatchance 2.0 was to build an American Sedan with ultimate performance and luxury. Attention to detail has been taken every step of the way with the install of the 426 Aluminum bock HEMI (all forged), complete engine bay detail with every fastener, washer replaced to chrome, custom billet trim pieces, white powder coated parts, custom engravings, re-wrapped all wire harnesses and much more. The air management from Accuair was designed to give the illusion the system was floating with a matte black 5 gallon air tank and white eXo mount, all wiring has been hidden and hard line are white. The wheels are Forge Wheels FR10DC with a 22 x 9 1/2 with a 4 1/2" lip front, 22 x 10 1/2 with a 5 1/2" lip rear, with an agrees concave. Nitto Tires are 555 Extreme 255/30/22 front and 295/25/22 rear. The addition of the largest Brembo brake kit available was added 6 piston caliper with 15" drilled rotors front and 14" drilled rotors rear.

The concept behind the interior was to create something unique and not your typical look. The real wood inserts and center console parts are hand stained in matte black. The seat centers are a medium grey cloth with real woven weave leather stripes. The door panels are wrapped in leather with the real woven weave leather insert. Comfort, style and function were all factors to create the interior.


426 (7.0L) Aluminum Block HEMI (only 2nd gen 300 in existence)

 3:91 Rear End | CAI | Strut Tower | Fuel Rails.

Billet Technology
Valve Covers | Coil Pack Cover | Fuse Box | Radiator |  Washer Fluid Cover | Dip Stick |  Trans Cover | Catch Can

Air Management with eLevel

Universal Air
 Air Bags

Brembo GT Brakes
 6 Piston Calipers | 15" Drilled Rotors Front |  4 Piston Caliper | 14" Drilled Rotors Rear

Forged Wheels | FR10DC 22x9 1/2 front | 22x10 1/2 Rear

Nitto Tire | Extreme 555 255/30/22 Front | 295/25/22 Rear

Xenon | Body Style
Grillcraft Sport Grill | Stainless Steel

BF Xenon | HID Fog Lights - 6000k
Hushmat | Trunk and full interior
Samco Silcone Race Hoses

full custom  | leather wrapped dash | center console with double stitch | real wood trim hand stained in matte black | reall basket weave leather on door panels and seat inserts.

Sound System
 Beats by Dr

Future Plans
Future mods include the addition of an Edelbrock Eforce supercharger, which I'm currently having some finish work done. When completed estimated HP at the wheels should be around 600 HP.

 Shout out
Thanks Gripset for the opportunity and your support

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