All Wrapped Up | Feb. 11-15

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Brian H. "02' VW GTI" 

Big ups, respect, buck buck buck! Shout out to Ed Whitbeck one of the latest and official Gripset photographers, shooting it up massive!  Already putting in hardwork, finding features himself!!!!

Murda' she wrote....These days a fancy paint job, is just as expressive as that vinyl wrap! So much more versatility for the creative mind using vinyl. So many choices in materials and designs one could create a masterpiece without the expensive paint jobs and endless repaints; repaints/resprays just cake up layers of paint like a bad make up job. Overtime it just becomes down right ridiculous! But why are we ranting, that's not the issue here LOL. On top of boasting a clean wrap job, and some BBS's you might have missed Brian's FMIC, or even the cars proper stance, simple subtle things under the microscope of a trained eye let's you know that there is more to the book, than just the cover. Fitted with some of the latest suspension innovations keeps Brians car planted. To bring this build full circle, the turbo kit keeps the bully's at a distance.......Yes this stanced VDUB, you see slammed, hardparking, will smoke you!

The Motivation
My incentive to continue working on the car is the  sure will I posses to get it just the way it is in my head,  my friends help motivate simply with the cars they have built. I love modifying and working on the car trying to make it my own and be a little bit different than others.  I love seeing the car knowing that I built it on my own.  Receiving compliments on the car always makes me happy and makes want to keep doing more and more to improve the car further.  I've been daily driving this car for 4 years now and I still love to get into it every morning and drive.


Franken turbo kit | 3 inch 42 draft designs turbo back exhaust | Audi TT injectors and MAF | GIAC tuning | Neuspeed front mount intercooler

ECS stage 1 clutch with a 14 lb. flywheel | forge short shifter

35% window tint | orange turn signals in the fender | stubby antenna | matte dark grey vinyl wrap

20th anniversary gti seats and headliner | 3 spoke steering wheel put of 2003 and up GTi

BBS Rs| fronts17x8 et0 195/40 rears 17x9 et19 205/40 | fully polished faces and lips

Front airlift XL slam rear is slam specialty on d cups | 5 gallon tank in the trunk with 1 444cc viair compressor | analog management

Future Plans
 As for the future of my car it will go on forever there is always something new I think about that I want to change or add to the car.  For right now my main plan is to build the motor and put a larger turbo on the car.  I would also like to rewrap the car in a new color.

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