Rootbeer Float | Jan. 21-25

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Gerald R. "2001 Acura Integra GSR"

 Shout out to Nick Lightford, for shooting this feature for us! The GRIPSET fam is always hard at work!

  What more can we do in a scene, where somethings have been done ever so often? Sometimes you just have to go back to the fundamentals. Enhancing your simple clean style with some uncommon tricks is one of those win win ways. Perhaps even take some influences from a tall tale, "the Midas touch." A brilliant story built on Gold. Then tie it all in with some flashy paint and fresh wheels to help seal the deal. Further insight a riot  but putting together some of the most sought after items.  A clean Integra, a jdm front end, some rare equips, and a lowly stance!! A combination to die for. Let not the ricers taint your image of such beauties, because we all must start somewhere and when they/you get there, it will surely and truly be adored! much thanks to Gerald R. for sharing his dream with us!

The Motivation
I basically bought the car back in 2005, in Cali. Through the years I just kept it stock and simple cause it was my daily for a couple years, then, started modding it slowly. My first mod on the car was an aem intake, then coilovers, all within the first week I bought the car. I was always a looks more than speed kinda guy. Nothing wrong with speed but just hated getting speeding tickets lol. I was always swapping rims back then, even now hahaha. I've probably went through 40 plus sets of wheels. I even sold the work equips 01 seen here and I only had it for like 2 months. I painted the car back in 2010 I believe due to vandalism, when I left my car at my sisters, in her driveway, what a mistake! I finally tucked the bay last year with the help of a good friend named "chivas aka Sunkist em1." It took me awhile to finally start it cause I didn't like the fact my car had to be down a couple months but I said *explicit* it let's do it. Then I had the parts dipped in golds & chromes via dippedparts.


Rootbeer paint job | Itr front end | Itr hid headlights | Itr lip
Oem window visors | Rear roof visor

Work equip 01 fronts 15x9 rear 15x9.5 | Toyo tires 185/45/15 195/45/15

Tokico illuminas w coilover sleeves

24k shifter | Spoon shift knob | Itr climate control
Broadway mirror | C-pillar bar
Pioneer in dash dvd | Kicker 12inch sub | Kicker amp

Cream bay | 24k valve cover | 24k oil cap | 24k intake manifold | 24k heat shield | 24k hid ballast covers | 24k strut bar
24k hood hinges | Triple chrome dipped hood prop
Triple chrome dipped alternator | Triple chrome dipped starter
Triple chrome dipped fuel rail | Polished brake booster
Polished distributor | Mishimoto radiator

Future Plans
I'm planing to sell/part out the car but just don't want to regret it. A friend of mine told me you can make some of your money back, but you can never get your time back and that just made me think twice about selling car lol but hey money talks haha just wanna say thanks to my fam and friends who helped and kept me motivated through the build especially Sunkist for the help of the tuck and Mikey from

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