Going Against The Green | Jan. 7-11

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Matt G. "Porsche 964"

If you don't know Neil Sterry, then your slippin'....One of the hottest cats out right now, Murk'n the UK with his broad talents! This weeks "HEAT-TURE" is courtesy of his passion.

"What dreams may come!" This weeks "heat-ture" narration may be a bit different from the past narrative views, in-fact as they say in the U.K, it's spot-on ( We've also heard that on my favorite show Wheelers-Dealers...hehe ). This time we feel that we don't need to ramble on about the Porsche heritage, model specifics, and the latter - we all respect and hold some knowledge of the brands caliber. Porsche has been a "notorious" auto giant renowned for it's luxury and sports excellence for a half-century. No words we have could illuminate the company any better. Instead; hoping to inspire your New year, Manifesting your destiny is this "heat-tures" literature! To simply put it in layman's perspective. Think it, dream it, live it, speak it, and it will come! Matt G. like many others are proof of that theory. Factually, his dream as a childhood boy, despite any circumstance was evidenced overtime. We ourself have experienced such wonders, similar happenings. We're sure a lot of you could agree? Those who are stuck or at a plateau may be answering No, nothing wrong with that; But We'll leave you with this, You have the power to change it! This not on some fairy-tale, unicorn, harry potter craze this truth is absolute. So to all of you out there chasing a dream with your head in the clouds, it's not a farce, it could happen to you, so never give up! 

The motivation
So where did my 964 story begin? I guess as a kid, I always dreamed that when I was older I would have a successful job and I would own a Porsche, funnily enough, when I was a child I really liked the cabriolets… Well fast forward about 20 years and at the age of 29 I didn’t have the successful job I had envisaged as a youth, but I did have a pretty tasty 2007 Audi A4 Cabriolet 2.0 tdi which was slammed on RIAL splits! A change in employment meant that all of a sudden I was working much closer to home and fuel economy wasn’t going to be as critical as it had been. I then discovered that a local garage had 2 nice 964 c2’s in stock so I drove the Audi down to have a chat with them. My purchase criteria was that it had to be a coupe, it had to manual and ideally a Carrera 2. After laying eyes on this forest green example I knew it was the one for me, the coupes lines just work so much better than the cabriolets in the earlier models and the mileage was spot on, sitting at 85,000! I hadn’t ever imagined buying a green one, but when I saw it, and it’s interior combo I just had to have it. A part ex deal was done and I finally had my mitts on my first 911.

Mods wise, like all my cars I knew it needed to be in the weeds, and it would need some killer wheels as-well. I sourced some KW coilovers which have custom rate springs for running the car at a low height, and the wheels are genuine ETA BETAs powder coated in a custom gold over black. The list of mods since purchase sits as follows:

KW coilovers | KW motorsport springs

ETA BETA 18inch 3 piece cup 3s. 9.5 and 8.5 widths |
Teardrop mirrors
US spec rear bumper section – number plate lights | moved to the top of the bumper |
RS ducts
Full amber turns restored back to the car
| Crackle black exhaust tip
Milestone 71 cup pipe and decat | Momo Team 300mm wheel

Future Plans
I hope to do quite a few bits to this over the coming years, with a baby on the way I am going to give modifying a short break, but I have collected some brembo sport brakes, so they are the next mod to go on. After that I would like to purchase some carbon fibre buckets which I will get trimmed to match the leather and I would also like to paint my calipers gold with black Porsche decals when I get the chance. Like all these things, it’s money and time, but I’m sure I will get there in the end!

Shout out
a big thanks to the following for their help and support:
Rich and Tony at Milestone 71, Rob at Supercar detailing, Mike at Kleenfreaks
Westside VW, Wheel-whores.com and the awesome mates who have helped; Mark, Luke, Paul, Tony and Bobby.'

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