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Abdulrhman K. "Honda Prelude"

It's not just the direction, but the connection, as Gripset links up with another Artist, Mohd Janahi of the Arabian Gulf ( The disputed body of water shared by Iran and Arabia ). This Gripset Collab is our most favorite to date! Why? We'll keep it "one hundred ( absolutely honest )," We were one who never cared much for this offering by Honda, event though it was done well a few times here in the US, the Prelude has just never been our cup of tea.

 When this feature was brought to our attention we were pretty much stunned. Coming to find out it was from another nation, the car pretty much became a jaw dropper. Immediately we were all for it.  We thought, so clean, so lovely, so simple, one of the best;  as far as preludes are concerned. We hadn't seen anything done to this caliber in such a while. Bringing the whole story of it how it came to be full circle, read Abdul's motivation, it in itself is a testament and true meaning of the word prelude....p.s. No need to jump sites, or pop open another tab we will define it here for you.

 Prelude [Prel-yood, preyl-,prey-lood, pree-]

- Noun
1. a preliminary to an action, event, condition, or work of broader scope and higher importance.
2. any action, event, comment etc. that precedes something else.

Hats off to all you guys and girls out there who with or without trends follow their hearts and bring something refreshing to the table! Well done Abdul, we will look forward to seeing more of your creations in the future!

The Motivation
Initially I didn’t want the Honda prelude, my dream car is the Lexus GS430 2002, but unfortunately the car was too expensive for my wallet… after that I thought of the Honda EM1 Civic SI or a DC2 Integra. Once I got the money to buy one of them, I couldn’t find one that was worthy, all of them were poorly taken care of and no good ones were available in my county. After a few days of hunting, I saw this Honda Prelude; it too was in very poor condition but when I saw it  I just knew I had to bring it back to its prime. Although every one told me it was expensive and not worth it, I didn’t care, I knew it was the car for me! I saved up some more money, and got various spare parts and engine management to help fine tune my baby.


 H23A | Custom Rywire harness | megan racing Headers
 Polished Engine Bracket | Chrome Intake | E&M Filter
 I painted around the Engine silver | Chrome Gold valve cover(24k)  
 ACT Clutch (Racing) | And the rest is yet to come ;)

Grip Royal Steering wheel (White) | Custom Teflon | Shifter Handle
 Black Recaro Seats | Takata seat belt  
Sony Sony XAV-W1 Touch Screen DVD Player 7 inch” 
Custom White LED RPMGage | Sparco Adapter Hub

     original Lights | Authentic JDM fog lights | Oem Full Kit 
Lip Splitter | Windshield Whiper Delete | DC lower tie bar  
    Original Exhaust Muffler (Chrome)

Wheel and Suspension     
 Schnitzer OZ Wheel 17X9 (White) Lip 3 with Chrome bolts | Polished Lips   
   K-Break Coilover | Chrome Lug Nuts | Black Break Bar
Future Plans 
 I plan on getting AMG OZ wheels and some more Interior & Exterior parts. I’m also thinking of finally buying the lexus GS430 2002 and turning it into a VIP car. Thanks to my dropit crew friends for standing by my side and helping me fine tune my Honda Prelude.
And thank you for giving me this opportunity and featuring my car!

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