A vision in BLUE. | Jan.28 - Feb.1

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Zachary S. "2007 Subaru WRX STi"

This weeks pleasures are courtesy shots by GRIPSETs very own Colin Kagel!

The most underrated over hyped giant of it's time! The Subaru STI.  Many of you may agree, and others may disagree of such a title, probably because you beat one or two, heck maybe even a few in your turbo nitrous Honda or in your Eclipse powered Evo, hehe. That means you must have been traveling so fasssssssssst you missed the point! So much more to an STI than your light to light dream. Now to make light of things our EVO fans, that was just a joke in good fun, the old EVO STI feud is never ending. To our Honda Acura crew, we can say this jokingly also, as we too have a Honda heritage.

However, the tides change when you own an STI. Driving one day in, day out, is most definitely a perception changer. Now if your all about speed and being the fastest, chances are your in the wrong hobby anyway, there will always be someone bigger, better, and faster out there. On the other hand unless your fairly wealthy or seriously committed - this specific car may not be for you. BUT, If you want to experience the joy of a lifetime, an unmatched comradery far surpassing that of any car community, and the best pound for pound off the shelf daily driver, then............WELCOME!

 The Motivation
My main motivation to my cars build has always been a vision in my mind. As a kid growing up around cars and starting car builds at a young age, has always inspired me to take everything a step foward and put my own touch on everything I start. The modding bug for my STI has always been there, when I first bought the STI, all stock, I  figured I'd put some decent amount of money into it and sure enough I did. Like many, I always told myself I would never spend the big bucks for the nice fancy top brand wheels, but once the stance scene started I knew I had to be apart of it and things like that came with the turf! My intentions for the STI were always to keep it stock looking enhancingor accentuating if you will the natural body lines of the STI, which have made the car what it is. The aerodynamics and the handling, the car is just amazing and definently a blast to drive and has always been my dream car! I'd say the two biggest definitions that describe the car well are, the Simplicity and the Cleanliness.


Stock EJ25 motor(internally) | Turboxs 4in. big mouth downpipe | Turboxs 3in. catless race pipe | Turboxs 3in race catback | SPT short ram intake
Cobb Accessport Version 7 | Stage 2 off the shelf 91 CA map | Stage 2 off the shelf 93 CA map also | NGK one step colder spark plugs | Turbosmart 50/50 Dual Port blow off valve

Exedy stage 2 Heavy Duty Clutch and pressure plate | Stock STi transmisson and drivetrain | STi SPT Short Shifter

OEM Subaru Authentic window visors | fenders rolled and pulled 2inchs. by AWD Fitted | Chargespeed Bottom Line Type 2 style front lip valance | Chargespeed Bottom Line Type 2 style side skirt valances | Chargespeed Bottom Line Type 2 style rear spat valances | JDM Authentic Version 8 STi rear tailights | Custom License plate lettering know as "STI OMG"

all stock interior wise no modifications

Work Emotion XD9 18x10 +18 offset in a limited special order custom Japan | White color | Work Emotion Work Anodized Blue Lugnuts | Brembo Brake calipers(painted 3 stage custom Blue with With Brembo Lettering) | Federal SS 595 tires (225/40/18) | BC BR Extreme Low Coilovers | BC Front Camber plates | BC Rear Camber plates | BC Rear Seat Extenders | Ingalls Front and Rear Camber bolts

Future Plans

 So with that all said my future plans for the car are beyond infinity. In my mind there are so many things I can do with it and so many things I would like to do to it, but as of now I’m pretty set on doing a full track set up with it. All the way from beefier tires and a big brake kit to a built motor and bigger turbo and of course cage up the whole cabin of the car. My lifelong goal for the car has been to really use the performance the car was made for it so that is why I'd like to set it up for the track for time attack races. As far as finishing the car, as many car enthusiasts know you could never finish a car or a build completely, there are always new and big and better opportunities with cars, so I will probably never have a finished project of the car.

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