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Derek H. "05' Honda S2000"

To simple to clean......Target Practice. A S2K worthy to be shot for it's crimes of envy!!! It's all courtesy of GRIPSETS, J. Sediego  bringing us some of socals freshest features. Sometimes here at Gripset we are slaughtered with feature requests, and we appreciate that, but sometimes our guys spot some local features on their own - True to the street terrors!

It's rare to see a hardtop streak of yellow pass you by on the freeway, especially a clean one, but when it does, you'll be left saying one of two things: Damn that's clean! or Man, I want an s2000! There's no shortage of them being sold or modded it seems as if everyone has had dreams of owning one. With just handful of them being HAM, IMO they're worth a feature and a weeks worth of drool. The S2000 Roadster was released to celebrate Hondas 50th year anniversary,  hitting showroom floors in 1999 it's first S-Badged platform since the 1960's. Similar to the 1984-87 Toyota Corolla GT-S ( aka AE86 ) the s2000's were produced with a 50/50 weight distribution, a 2.0L 4cyl engine  matted to six-speed gearboxes. It's success by the motor sports industry broke new grounds with this machine. Making it a top contender in the street or show circuit. So there's no way we could deny you viewing rights to Derek H.'s SSSSSS!

The Motivation
I recently sold my 1990 Toyota Supra in April. At the beginning of May - this year, I purchased my 2005 Honda S2000. My reasons for purchasing an S2K were simply that I've always admired the way the body and interior looked Overall the entire car was very appealing to me and I've been wanting a newer car than my 90' Supra.  What has motivated me to build this car instead of keeping it stock is my Father and Brother's Passion for building cars. It's trickled over into my life, leaving an impression over the years. My dad has been building Supra's and Mustangs since my childhood. My brother on the other hand has been a Honda Head throughout his high school years. He currently owns a beautiful 1993 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo. When they mod the cars they own, I see how they follow what they want and only think of who will be behind the wheel of that car.  A car tailored to the driver. With that said, I make my car with the same influence. The way I want it to look and drive emulating me. I've been wanting to stay away from the "typical S2K" which in return has gained me all the positive comments from random people on the roads Icing to the cake, makes me glad to see that others like what I've done to my S. All in all, I'm happy with my car!

 Wheels/ Tires/Suspension:
-Work Equip 18x9.5/10.5
-Hankook RS-2 225/40/18 All Around
-Rays Black Light Race LugNuts
-Megan Track Coilovers
-Cusco Front Strut Brace
-PasswordJDM Lower Rear Strut Brace

-K&N Intake
-Berk Testpipe
-Invidia Catback
-NGK Spark Plugs
-Royal Purple 10w30
-Spoon Brake/Clutch Cylinder Covers
-Apexi Vtec Controller

-Spoon Hardtop
-Spoon Carbon Diffuser
-ASM Rear Fenders
-Carbon Short Antenna
-APR Carbon Front Lip Painted
-CR Sidemarkers

-ARC Shift Knob
-Eclipse Double Din Stereo
-Broadway Mirror
-MB Quart Tweeters
-MB Quart 6.5" Speakers
-Removed OEM Soft Top

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