Slumped | Dec. 31 - Jan. 4

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Reaz A. "Honda Civic Si"

ED. P "we see you baby!" Thanks for being down with that Gripset Collab!

Counting down for a New Year usually means something fancy for New Years Eve, relatively something stunning, or that sentimental anything linking the two; Leaving the past year behind, and Welcoming the New. Bigger and better is always the motto! Seemingly, that's exactly what Honda proclaimed using their latest technology K-series engine in their "sportier" vehicles. Flashing the SI or Type R ( Type S ) badges were the factory insignias for these models. It usually meant some sort of upgrade, whether it came in the form of engine displacement, power output, or trim level, buyers understood the red badge was all about the business. FROM EVERYONE AT GRIPSET Happy New Years as we let REAZ.As coupe rock us in......

Ed. P Shout out to:, shoot it magazine and Gripset for the support and Reaz (owner) for giving the opportunity to shoot his car! You can check out more creativity at

The motivation
 For me; It was to keep my car clean and simple! My first SI I had was back in 2007, I had bought a white one. I only had it for 3 months before it got totaled by a dumb driver that crashed into me......with the love I had for my Honda Si I knew thet I was going to get another one. This time I promised I would make sure that I got to do everything I dreamed of for my first one, would be done to this one!  I picked up my new fiji blue si in 2008 Feb 14th valentines day. Being a Lover's holiday, and too convey that feeling it was the perfect day to make that purchase.  I've had this car for 4 years now and to this day when I'm driving it I still tell myself how much I love this car.


Mugen oil cap  |  Injen short ram intake  |  Vibrant header  |  Vibrant exhaust  |  Corsport short shifter  |  Hondata Flashpro  |  Etuned
Wink 5 panel mirror  |  Skunk 2 shift knob  |  Bride low max Vios iii seats  |  red door panels  |  red H steering wheel overlay  |  Takata 5 point harness
2009 front end conversion  |  Shaved trunk  |  Full HFP lip kit  |  Fog lights  |  Red tail light overlays  |  JDM Emblems front &back  |  6000k headlights  |  3000k fog brake light  |  Custom 3rd brake light from Mugen RR  |  JDM side-markers  |  Windshield wipers delete
Wheels/ Suspension
Fully polished BBS RS 17×9 +19  with gold bolts  |  Buddy Club N+ coilovers  |  Gold Lug nuts  |  Green Beaks bar  |  Skunk2 camber arms rear  |  camber sliders rear  |  Camber bolts in front

Future plans 
My future plans is to supercharge the car.  Its kind of hard to top the look of it right now but I'm sure I'll think of something new to keep it standing out.  I do plan to keep it as clean as possible

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