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Blake O. "2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe"

Working his way up the ranks, once a collab photographer, WE ARE PROUD TO  OFFICIALLY WELCOME MR N.LIGHTFORD TO THE GS FAM.  Thanks for your hard work, great coverage, past, present, and future.

Another one of "Sin City's" own, an uncanny race car! Synonymous with our car culture big fancy wheels and custom paints are expected on the show circuit, but we bet you never dreamed of the day a G35 sitting on 20's would be passing you by during a race event. Quick backdrop; First launched by Nissan, the 350z shared the same platform as it's Infiniti counterpart, the G35. Both retros honoring Nissan's roadster line of the past, the hype of the cars undoubtedly and quickly caught on. "Sportier" versions of the two came as touring, nismo, or red s badged units and received subtle perks. Besides their styling and out of the box power it was the aftermarket performance buzz that boosted the sales as well as demands for these like machines. Being that they were RWD further propelled the shared success. Around it's release era drifting was REALLY HOT, and with raw power + a rear-wheel drivetrain; prime drifting candidates were subconsciously born. We wonder if manufacturers even consider these things..........Like, How well in stock form could our product drift? Race? or Drag? We know STD auto tests of running through the paces, but We're talking real world application here. Anyhow forgive us for thinking aloud,  as we get back on topic to a well polished G35 coupe. To all our GS family & Friends enjoy this weeks feature of Blake O, and his G.

The Motivation
I was content for a while after getting the car, but the bug to modify it was always there. Seeing other fitted g's gave me motivation to go lower and more aggressive. Although I'd like to be lower, I think I've hit my limit with my current wheel setup. My main focus with building the car was keeping it functional. Being a racer, there was no way I could have a car that I couldn't actually DRIVE. Even with my extremely close fitment I still never rub except at very low speeds making u turns. Even with 3rd gear full lock entries there is no rubbing front or rear. I also wanted my car to stand out from the crowd of similar g35s, and being slammed on 20's was one way. Although you wouldn't know it now, the matte metallic dark gray was very rare when I did it. I saw the optional color on the bmw e92 and liked it a lot.

-20x10 -7 20x11 -10 Kranson Forged Klassic Mesh wheels
-245/30 20 Achilles ATR front tires 265/30 20 General UHP rear tires
-Stance ProComp 3 coils(14k front springs/10k rear springs)

-SPL front Camber arms
-Wicked Tuning rear camber arms
-Wicked Tuning rear toe arms
-Hotchkis Sway bars
-Energy Suspension bushings
Hawk Street/Race rear brake pads; Project Mu front pads

-JWT Popcharger
-Cat-back blast pipes
-INGs+1 Polyurethane side skirts
-Authentic Gialla front lip
-Black chrome emblemless grill
-2006 oem projectors
-3m 1080 Matte metallic dark gray vinyl

Future Plans
 First and foremost I'd like to sell my current wheels to fund some much more aggressive 19s so i can run a bigger sidewall and more front camber. I also plan on purchasing a Powered By Max Max Angle Kit to get 60* of lock and fabricate a simple 4-point roll bar/harness bar, but keep the rear seat fully functional. Also for interior I plan to have my oem buckets reshaped to hold me better. Further down the road a vk56 swap is in the plan. As well as a hydraulic e-brake and dual rear Brembo calipers.

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