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Oscar B. " Infiniti Q45 Y33"

Mad Love goes out to GRIPSET'S John Sediego...pumpimg out features like hotcakes, well in this case, PANCAKES!!!!

Pancakes will make um dance! Not only a household name for kids across America Pancakes is an OG in the VIP scene, who like many others have been holding it down in the US for years. We all know nothing lasts forever, but a timeless style will withstand any era. Simple and clean, agressive yet elegant VIP rides like this are respected across the nation.  Left behind as martyrs when the owners move on to the next big thing photos guiding the next generation of VIP enthusiasts are priceless blueprints.  However, only Japanese made sedan rear-wheel drive platforns are considered the true heritage of the VIP, yet we've seen this style imitated across many brands the birth name holds true to only one classification. So slap your pal when he says his 2DR FF or RWD car is VIP. Then say, that's "VIP STYLE" FOOOOOO! Even then on a 2dr it's a far cry.  Now that we all have this general concept of what it means to be "VIP",  let's take a look at it's new lease on life in America.

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 The motivation 
 I bought the car 6 years ago after my previous Ford probe was totaled in a car crash while on my way to work. While looking for a new car to drive, I decided to try the VIP scene route. Before then I would visit Auto Fashion almost every day, hanging out, reading VIP mags and studying the styling of the VIP scene. The scene was very new to the states and Auto Fashion was making big moves pushing and bringing this new scene to light. Since I needed a new car I thought to my self, why not try out this new scene that Auto Fashion was promoting. Auto Fashion had built several cars by now and I fell in love with the whole styling and the new freshness of something many of us car enthusiast have never scene before. 

I first started looking for a first gen Lexus GS 300 but those became hard to come by, then I wanted an old Q45 the G50 model. I really wanted to go the air suspension route with my build and really wanted to use air runners system that all the Auto Fashion cars used and since they do not make an air runner kit for the G50, I chose to go another route. That's where I started to look at the Y33 Q45. Auto Fashion had recently built an iconic y33 for Falken tires and I fell in love with everything about it. I wanted a platform that was different and less common then the majority GSs & LSs that I was seeing so since there was little to no people building Y33s, it was perfect for me. I found the perfect one that fit my pocket book and the rest is history. My first go around with this build was very quick. Within the first year of owning the car, I had already bought wheels, a kit and the suspension for it.
Now I've taken a much slower approach in changing items on the car to reach my orginal vision for the car. It's a never ending story with consent changes. After 6 years, the car has allowed me to visit great places and meet even greater people. It's been a truly fun and blessed experience.

Mod list

Aimgain Kit (Front, Sides & spoiler) | Y33 Kouki Grille
AMG E-class styled projector fog lights | Y33 Cima bonnet emblem
8K HID Headlights | 10K HID fogs
Modded rear fenders (metal work/pull) | 5% window tint all around

Leon Hardiritt Bugel | 19x9.5 -/+ 0 (4" lip) | 19x11 -12 (6" lip)
Lo disc all around

Achellis 225/35f - 235/35r

Air Runner OTG (On the ground) Suspension Kit | Motor mount spacers that lift the oil pan, engine and cats up 1 1/2 inch

Custom straight from the cats back | Aimgain tips

Jim Wolf intake

Gason curtains | JP Kitsuna Preztel | Garson Mink Chain
Custom Table | Custom LV neck pads | Y33 Wood streering wheel
Pioneer Avic D3 double din display with ipod connection | 98 Y33 wood dash/vent

 Future Plans
If I don't sell the car, I plan on doing a full paint change, wheel color change, front fender mods, front bumper mod
Mod whatever else I can underneath the car so I'm not dragging or breaking the car

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