23rd's a Charm | Dec. 10-14

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Ward B. "2011 Dodge Charger R/T"

GRIPSETS RODERICK PATTERSON  does it yet again...... Hats off to him for shooting this "Lovely Charger" as well as finding the feature himself (A little something we touched bases on lightly in last weeks feature ).

 Everyone love's a good magazine car no doubt, but the inspiration is in the streets, "the real streets," for Guys and Gals just like us, there's Gripset ( shameless re-plug ) to bring you that HEAT  unquestionably!!!! This weeks feature is a spin, and a first, covering some good ol' American Muscle with a strong heritage in the USA. The latest revision of an American Classic simply makes this NNBS ( new new body style ) Charger "a sight for sore eyes." Bred in the mean streets of Michigan, two brother's changed the automotive industry forever. Supplying some revolutionized automotive parts for their time led to the first engine powered vehicle. With much success as a parts supplier, and chassis manufacturer, the two brothers sought to build their own vehicle(s).....within one years time, the first branded body dubbed "DODGE ( Model 30 )" was born. The Dodge Brothers released  their Model 30 with a 4-cyl engine cranking out an astounding 35HP, granted they were not running around all juiced up like Marquez in the Pacquiao fight back in those days, it was an impressive number nonetheless for it's era. Fast forward, the new Dodge Charger R/T sports a well-equipped "370HP V8," in any configuration RWD or AWD platforms. Making it one sweet chariot. With relatively nothing new being done under the sun the mixing of new cars with a splash of old school flava' even vice versa is the new norm. To show and tell it all, Ward B.'s Beauty in this Beast brings back a bit of the old Detroit pro-touring feel.

The motivation
My wife and I came up with the name "23rds a charm" as this is the 23rd car I've owned, and won't be the last as project 24 sits in my garage stripped. I've always had a "car bug-virus" and it will never be cured. I work for a dodge dealership here in Richmond, VA and once I saw the first new body charger come off the truck I knew I had to have it! I've done everything from imports to American muscle, body dropped trucks, mild to wild including full show vehicles. Being a little older these days and having a large family to provide for, I knew from the jump, I wanted to go with the " less is more" approach. One to save money, and two it's my daily that I did not want to become a full show car, that I didn't want to feel funny about driving everyday. Focusing on details, I did small mods that anyone who saw my car would look at it and say, "I know there is something different about this Charger, but, I can't figure it out." To accomplish this it had to be low by nature, fitted with a nice set of wheels. Instinctively knowing the new body style would be a catch, I had to set mine apart from the rest with out taking away from the natural appearance and the cars bold aggressiveness. I knew the approach I took would have a few people turn their nose up to the idea of stretched tires and low stance on a v8 car, but this build was for me and no one else. I'm proud of what its become and I'm just extremely gratified that you and a lot of other people enjoy it. For a while it seemed that the car scene was seemingly an to die out. Hopefully my car and the countless other vehicles out there will continue to inspire the next generation of builders.

viper replicas 22x10 front -6 rear +5
Tires 245/30/22 Nexxen's
Removed emblems from trunk and fenders
Rear trunk removed holes welded and repainted
Reworked front fenders
Rolled and pulled quarter panels
Rear window spoiler
20% tint all around
Dodge front chin spoiler
6k hid fog lights
Led licence plate lamp
Splash shields and bumper shaved down 
Bc be type coil overs
Spc upper front control arms
Spc rear camber bushings
Removed bulky hemi engine cover and replaced with Srt8 392 engine covers shaved down and replaced with custom filler plate wrapped in cArbon fiber with illest logo for contrast
Carbon wrapped and sticker bombed fuse box cover
Srt8 challenger oem intake assembly with k&n drop in filter
Manga flow mufflers with resonators removed and re-piped
Oil catch can
currently stock leather and suede

Future plans
I plan on doing a few mods here soon; such as Mopar cold air intake, headers, then followed up with a strut bar and some billet accessories. That will be followed up with a hid retro fit for the fog lights and a full Srt8 body conversion, slight red suede interior touches with a full stereo system. Then either rework the suspension to sit a little lower or go to a full custom air set up. THE BIGGEST THING I want to do is get my new wheels in motion. A set of staggered, 22x10.5 and 22x12 aggressive offset, concave and big chrome lip - "Sempek Wheels." It's a new wheel line and there is currently only one set of these awesome wheels out on the road. Keep an eye out for them. Currently as its an up and coming company. High quality work with some wild designs. I want to be the second set. Chris Sempek is owner and designer, hit him up on Instagram and look for yourselves, you may beat me to second set.

Shout outs
Chris Sempek from special agency and sempek wheels for its first shoot which hooked me up with Roderick Patterson and the Gripset Crew
Scott Evans for the bodywork hours and Gary Erwin for his mad paint skills to match her pearl pain in the @ss paint.
Josh Fogg ,for allways being down for whatever whenever and keeping me in line
Ol Lahn for his consistent hating to continuously push the limits lol
Alex Hager for giving me the answers I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear.
Mincz tire in Richmond va
The Dodson family for introducing me years ago to the customizing world and show scene
My parents for putting up with me through all of the police being called to the mid night builds, loosing my dads tools, having to go to court with me for tickets, but allowing me to grow up into the builder I am today.
And most of all my beautiful wife Michelle, for sharing my passion for cars and accepting the fact that she married a man that still plays with cars.

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