Subtle Aggression | Nov. 19-23

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Thomas P. "2012 Lexus Ct200h"

Shout out to Travis Young, a Gripset Collab; making this possible. Also, to Thomas for having a little bit of patience while we get his feature up. There's a lot of behind the scenes work that we will continue to improve to help expedite features. As you may have noticed in the past and future to come, we may even have two features per week.

A new breed of cars. With America going green and every car manufacture out to prove it's here to cater, we've noticed Hybrid Vehicles taking flight. Not only do Hybrid vehicles offer the same comfort, and features as your every day fuel hog, they bring relief to the phrase, "pain at the pump." What does that mean? They go further with less gas. Less gas used, equals less spent at the pump. All this is accomplished by the hybrid drive technology. Incorporating an electric motor to assist a fuel powered motor. To grasp the concept in laments terms, just think of it this way, a 1-seater bicycle going up hill vs a 2-seater bicycle going up hill. The 2-seater will be more efficient and need less effort traveling the same distance as the 1-seater.

Few or many of you may recall that Prius as the first hybrid car, oh my - great scott, was that thing ugly. Since then some genius at the factory must have caught onto why the sales didn't skyrocket. For a while the "H" badge must have meant hideous. Thankfully, Hybrid cars have changed, somewhat, and have become more stylish. Making them more appealing. If you catch my drift, you already know where this is going. This is the second hybrid we've featured here on Gripset, apparently the trend for modifying these hybrids have grown. The best of both worlds are seemingly merging. This week we leer at Thomas P's spin on his Lexus CT200H 


The Motivation
I have always been the one to stand out from a crowd and be different, thus why I decided to slam a Lexus Ct200h. The first few times I saw these fuel economic hatchbacks I always thought they were so aggressive looking for a hybrid. While seeing these around town, every driver/owner was over at least the age of Forty years old and was probably a grandparent. During those times I was driving a moderately stanced 2007 Subaru STI. I knew I wanted something with less power to keep me out of trouble, because the STI  quickly became a money pit from speeding tickets I had occurred. I even went to jail, via street racing. I always joked with my friends and asked them how they would feel if I went from the STI to a Prius. They all called me crazy. One morning after thinking about getting rid of the AWD beast for a hybrid, I hit up my cousin jokingly asking how much the Ct200h was running? and how much they could take my car in for as a trade?  ( he works at a Lexus dealership as a sales man). Long story short I was able to walk away proud of a good deal w/ my CT200H. Not only that, but it has allowed me to create a car that I have never been more proud of. . Pretty much the crazy looks I get and the appreciation my car gets is what keeps me motivated and always keeps me wanting to do more. I, like many others believe that a project you start with a car is never complete. 

Mod List
 BC Racing Type Br Coilovers
Wheels and tires
-Work VSXX Chrome with polished lips 18x9 +33 up front and 18x10 +33 in the rears  
-Falken Ziex912 215/35/18 and 235/35/18
Under Carriage
-Custom mounted diamond plated skit plate
-Front Grille Piece wrapped in 3M Di-Noc carbon fiber vinyl
-Full Exterior LED kit
-20% Tint all round minus windshield which is 20%
-DDM Tuning 6000k HID Kit
-Rear wiper delete
-Visual Garage Shark Fin Antenna
-Dash pieces wrapped in 3M Di-Noc carbon fiber vinyl
-Full LED Interior kit
-CS-X3 Air Spencer with squash scent
-Blue Broadview Rear View Mirror
-Kicker L7 Subwoofer

Future plans
  I plan on doing my interior, getting a aero kit, intake and exhaust to follow. As for the interior I want to reupholster the headliner and pillars in black suede and wrap more plastic goodies in carbon fiber vinyl. Aero kits don't come cheap for any car so I've just got to get my eyes set on the right one. As for performance mods, there's not much available for the CT yet, but id like to get the Injen Intake available for the car and get an aggressive looking dual exhaust, although the exhaust wouldn't hold much purpose other than looks. 


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