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Leighton V. "06' Acura Rsx Type S"

This weeks car of the week, is brought to us by the "traveling man," Colin Kagel; Gripsets very own photographer who took a nice drive out to the desert to meet up with the owner ( V. Leighton ) of this RSX.

We all know RSX owners have flooded the market as heavy hitters, leaving that solidarity thought of just civics behind, and searching for it's own legacy. The RSX is undoubtedly one of Hondas best chassis to have ever been made. They ( the RSX ) preform well on the track with a stock structure straight from the dealership floor. Now, Just imagine in the right hands the scary potential that looms over these imported muscle cars, But I'll save all that noise for a future feature..... We address today's agenda only, and that's Leighton's classy beauty. A bold visual of clean lines, parts, paint, and lustrous chrome. Personally we used to have mixed emotions about the scenes new direction, but we're beginning to love the cross breed's a lil more each day. Mixing up a fresh ride with a dope set of shoes like these "VIP styled" 5 spoke joints by SSR adds the 'E' in EXQUISITE.

The Motivation
Over the years my car has been through 35+ sets of wheels, 4-5 front aftermarket bumpers 2-3 sets of sideskirts and 3-4 spoilers. I purchased the car brand new in 2006, and I had told myself it's that time to just to settle down and go back to stock. My main motivation is my son. This car has a lot of sentimental value to our family, I know I will never get rid of it because of that alone. To me its just not a car it's  so much more than that.  

AEM cold air
buddy club race headers
custom 3" piping to stock exhaust
 custom Megan racing coilovers
SSR Vienna Spoke 17x8 +5 & 17x9 +5 type D disk
 A-spec front lip

 Future Plans
I have future plans but I'll wait to surprise you guys. Gripset will not be disappointed

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