Simplicity Defined | Nov. 19-23

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Trevor J. "2000 EBP Em1"
This week we tone it down a bit and simplify things. One of the most notorious beasts to ever leave Honda of North America. The coveted Honda Civic SI! Available in only 3 colors, one being this electron blue, it was the sure-shot way to distinguish the average joe EX/DX coupe from the Civic SI. Powered by the gutsy 1.6L DOHC Vtec Engine. Stylish darker grey interior, and one of the best designed clusters of its era, made this a must have for many! Although it's not as preserved in it's true form as the Big Brother ITR, this is a gem worth holding onto.

WE THANK and LOVE GOONK for this classic feature. Big shout-out to him for such a flawless work.

 The motivation 
 Well for me, it all started when I bought my first car which was a 88 Honda crx. My dream car was to own a 2000 ebp em1. It took me about 3 years to finally find a bone stock em1. When I got her I knew how and what I was going to do. As I was building her, I stayed  motivated by going to meets; significantly Import Alliance.  Legit stuff I saw there and always wanting to be that car there with the vendors. I love em1's and want to keep progressing with mine, then hope for  people to see and appreciate my work. Which is the ultimate satisfaction. When I build a car its got to be LOW. Either way it's got to be clean, if it's really clean then your doing good right. Stance is something and my stance express me. I wanted the wide poke look with some 0 offset - to express that verbally I Cant even get a finger nail between the tire and fender (No Scrubing on my em1)! I wanted to make sure I could drive it daily and w/ no worrying. 

Break necks all day!

Full Tein super street coilovers with edfc dampers.
Full front and rear Buddy club camber kit. 
ElllUSA polished control arms. 
ASR nerochrome subframe brace. 
Polished Beaks bar. 
Diamond racing wheels. 
Nardi leather Steering wheel with quick release. 
RHD LEV woodgrain climate control. 
Password JDM carbon kelver deleted tray. 
s2000 leather seats. 
5 panel mirror. 

Future Plans
As time goes by this car will be more clean and just about everything redone inside and out. I have a lot done but so so much more to go. I'm a guy that has OCD and I'm all about perfect and clean and stance . They isn't no ahhh it be alright. So much more to come; I plan on pulling the motor out and go with a JDM B16B or some form of a K. I'll just figure that out when it's time to cross that bridge. The interior will definitely get attention, because I love a fresh clean interior. I will stay with a similar stance as my current setup but still working on making it perfect. (OCD) guy haha. I think I will stay with the ebp for a long time. I just love that color and purp in it................ is just legit.

Video by Goonk V.

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