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Patrick H. "2010 Scion TC"

Firstly; Let us welcome a new member Mike Pullifrone to the Gripset family. Already puttin in some serious work, and bringing us this TC feature from MD.

For many years Honda ran ramped in the streets, praised for the aftermarket support and great fuel economy. Hondas were economic gold. I remember the Scion concepts at the LA Auto Show  some years ago and "their" target market. Clearly they were taking aim at current Honda lovers and the generations to follow. XBs and TCs were the first fuel to the fire in the Scion brand, long overdue-outside of the corolla, Toyotas recognition as an auto giant was seemingly regained. Since the Scion brand launched, vehicle designs and innovations quickly followed. Having TRD in their corner pumping out superchargers and brake kits set the tone for a power hungry consumer, w/out sacrificing mpg. on to the goods, here's a first look with a great back story of Patrick H's TC

The Motivation
We all remember our firsts, whether it’s a first hit in the bottom of the 9th or your first kiss in high school, we all live to cherish those moments in which we all hold so dearly. In August of 2009 I purchased my first vehicle when I was 16, a 2010 Scion tC fresh off the showroom floor. After having the ‘cash for clunkers’ program emplaced, my parents and I decided to trade in the old minivan and start a new generation, also known as a new beginning for me.  However, the car scene didn’t begin there for me. Growing up as a younger kid, I incessantly found myself looking up to my brother, for he was a car guru himself. Whether I rode shotgun in the Stang to local hangouts or watched him do burnouts, I took such interest and excitement when it came to watching my brother do what he loves. Although today we share different ‘styles’ in cars, I know that we will always have the common love of cars and the creativity a car brings to a young man’s mind. After enlisting in the United States Army and graduating Basic Combat Training, I began taking interest in the car ‘modding’ scene.  However, it took me awhile to figure out how to go about doing it the right way. Just like most people, I starting out with my traditional knockoff wheels, replica parts, and eBay rice. With that being said, as I got older and met a few select people I quickly learned the quality over quantity characteristic, and grew old of ‘faking the funk’. Most people don’t know my car, for this is the first year I have truly been in the ‘scene’. I quickly found that being a full-time student, an active Army Reservist, and having a part-time job was going to be a challenge while fulfilling the expenses of my car. I found myself living paycheck to paycheck, saving for that next part that I thought I so desperately needed. Somehow the satisfaction of saving and owning that part was way more than the sacrifice I made to get it, which is the mentality I’ve gone with while building my car. I’ve strived to build a car that’s much more than just a typical tC that people point and laugh at going down the street.  I’ve tried to build my car around legitimate and rare parts, while keeping in mind the way I want my car to look. Growing up I was always the guy to do things different and to in a sense ‘set the standard’ by doing something unusual to others, and now that I’ve grown up I can begin to see it influence my car. While building my car I never cared what people thought of it, and at the end of the day, yes I took opinions and appreciated peoples comment, but I never let it change the direction I wanted to go with my car. To this day I still find ways to save and find the money to further better my build and to create my ‘dream’ car. Although I have contemplated moving on with a different car several times, I find it hard for myself to walk away from something I’ve put so much into, but most importantly I find it hard for me to walk away from my first. My car is my slate of art, in a quick glance it can tell a person a lot about me, but in the same sense it also lets me express my creativity. I’m frequently asked by many people what I think the coolest thing about my car is, what do I think the coolest thing is? The fact that through a car I have met so many new people, been so many new places, and experienced so many exhilarating things, and the best part is, this is just the beginning; a whole new meaning of ‘setting the standard’.

Mod List

-Full polish valve cover
-Full Polish ARC airbox
-Full polish Rockblocker air division panel
-Password JDM dress up bolts (Powder coated Electric Blue w/silver flake)
-AEM battery tie down (Powder coated Electric Blue w/silver flake)
-TRD oil/radiator cap (Powder coated Electric Blue w/silver flake)
-Doctor Isotope spark plug cover (Powder coated Electric Blue w/silver flake)
-BC Racing extreme low coilovers w/custom 14kg/mm spring rates
-Eibach front camber bolts
-TRD strut bar (Powder coated Electric Blue w/silver flake)
-Agency Power catback exhaust
-Invidia “S” pipe
-Aero AR25 resonator
-Full polished Alphawerks header
-17x9 Work VS-XX/ +10 offset/ 3.5 inch lips/ rockstar white w/gold flake faces/ 24k gold bolts
-Nankang NS-1 205/40/17
-Project Kics R40 Gunmetal lug nuts
-Hawk HPS brake pads
-12% tint all around
-Ptuning front license plate relocater
-Color matched headlight eyelid covers
-LED license plate lights
Anzo red/clear tail lights
-S2000 short antenna
-Tinted side markers
-Johnny Designz custom upper and lower mesh grille
-APT/VRD fog lights w/ yellow nokya bulbs
-5K lowbeam HIDs
-Chrome turn signal bulbs
-Debadged rear hatch
-Front OEM lip
-Camo wrapped 5 panel wink mirror
-Urban digital camo wrapped A,B, and C pillars
-White LED interior dome lights
-TRD Sport shift knob  (Brushed aluminum)
-Blue Status Ring GT Bucket seats

Future Plans
I’m constantly looking for ways to better improve my car and my build, and in all honesty I don’t think I will ever be ‘finished’ with my tC. As for my winter projects I intend to change up the look of my wheels or rebuilding them, finishing up my lip kit, changing the interior, continue to clean up my engine bay, and add some harnesses to my seat setup.

Shout outs
Big shout out to all my good buddies who have helped me with my build, whether it’s your ideas or the help of your turning wrenches that have got my car to where it is today. Also a shout out to NickRolled, Meng Motorsports, and VR wheels for all their help and assistance.

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