New Found Love | Nov. 12-16

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Andrew J. "99' Infinity Q45"
AKA Ritzy33 AKA Farrah Fawcett 
drew title feat

This week we shine the light on a man of humility; a humongous heart and his epically clean Infiniti Q45. The trials of this build were few and far apart. The passion and compassion to execute this car let alone complete it within a short time frame, unscaved, is a merit on its own...I wish I had space to share all the details, but I must captivate you without boring you. EXCLUSIVELY RESERVED for GRIPSET, we were blessed with the task of bringing you it's 1ST FEATURE!! Knowing the owner, and calling him friend is truly a privilege, being the "chosen one" to debut his car virally, here on Gripset is a high honor.  Much Love & Respect 'Drew! Big shout out to James Soriano aka FYI James for making this feature possible. He met up with Drew & his Q hours before "Auto Fashion, San Diego,"  caravan roll-out to do the photoshoot and video on SHORT notice.

The Q45 is a modern classic. Traditionally made famous by the Lyrics of Hip-Hop Genius Nasir Jones. The melody to "If I ruled the world and everything in it, sky's the limit, I'd push the Q45 Infinite," once bumped through tweeters and discmans across the globe back in 96'......Heck, A lot of you wont even know what the heavens I'm talking about, you weren't even born yet! Closely associated with the ever so flamboyant styling of VIP cars Q45's / Y33s have become notorious for their styling cues: Massive body dimensions, lavish interiors, and strikingly beautiful exteriors make them a top contender for that top VIP spot. In elegant white and chrome peep 'Drews white knight as this weeks feature.

  ritzy33 r 
I'll keep it short and sweet. I can't say there is a specific motivating force on this build. Just that I was inspired with my new found love of the VIP car scene and tried my best interpreting it into this creation you see before you. 

ritzy33 s 
  ritzy33 p
Version Select V1 Full Kit 
Cima HID Xenon headlights
GT Grill 
Rain Visors 
Blue Tint Windows 
Chrome Pillar Garnish
Bellezza LED Mirror Covers 
Custom body work to front fenders and rear quarter panels 
Mercedes Benz Diamond White Pearl 

Zelius Exhaust
Wheels Tires
Veilside Andrew Racing F Step lipped 
19x11 245/35/19
19x12 265/35/19
Pioneer double din 
David Dezign VIP Table
PBM VIP Coilovers
PBM Rear Upper Control Arms
Megan Rear Traction Rods S14
Megan Rear Toe Arms S14
Custom Front Struts Modded by Battle Version

ritzy33 f
ritzy33 m

Future Plans
Cup kit / Air suspension, interior, ice of some sorts to bump my country music! Dream future mods rhd/turbo or a titan swap anyone of those will suffice. :) 

 Shout Out
First off to God for blessing me to be fortunate enough to do what I love. My older brother Jason (RIP) who first introduced me to the car scene, my family and girlfriend for understanding my love for cars, SoCal Collision for the body work and paint, my crew Style 63, David Deezign for the tables, Gripset for my FIRST feature, Cali Luv, all the homies in Pomona, and shout outs to all the 11 Bravo's holding it down overseas! Last but not least , Thank you to my homie "Poges" for getting me into the game.

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