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Import Alliance, TN

Whether it's a GOODBYE or a SEE YOU LATER,  Goonk Vilaivanh YOU WILL BE MISSED HERE AT GRIPSET!! On behalf of the "GRIPSET FAMILIA," we wish you farewell. Thank You for all your hardwork, support, dedication, and lending us your talents!!! We wish you much success on your upcoming endeavors.

"Car enthusiasts from locals to out of stat, travel  to Import Alliance’s fall meet, in their hometown Nashville, TN every year! This year IA was held it at the LP Field or known as the Titans Stadium. It is very well suited to accommodate thousands of cars and spectators who flock here. This event is crowded with cars ranging from euros, japanese, to domestics. Lots of clean builds that  have progressed during the year - consuming massive/minute amounts of time, money, and dedication from the builders leads them to this proving ground. Allowing them to showcase their rides, enjoying the fruits of their labor, and in some cases to inspire others who follow . Many vendors showcase their latest most ingenious products,  consumer and sponsored cars get to brag without being boastful. There is also a gymkhana event course for anyone wanting to test their driving skills or fall a sunder . Check out the latest video coverage fresh from no one other but Goonk Vilaivanh's vault." 

By Goonk V.

Coverage by Goonk V.
Gripset Photographer

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