Simply Complex | Nov. 5-9

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Mike P. "07' Honda Civic Si"

In a day and age where some  feel more is more with a barrage of accessories we chose to share - Less is more of the simpler kind. The honda renowned si badge was rekindled with the launch of  this chassis. Its 4dr body style has been quite a sensation since the release. Paired with the K20 engine assembly just breathed Honda SI sport heritage back into the brand. This week it's a clean daily driver with looks to impress, so enjoy Mike P's "simple complex" FA...

The Motivation
My love and passion for cars came when my dad and I flew out to Detroit for the famous Auto Show when I was 16 years old. Since then I have had a few different cars, from an H22 swapped 94' Prelude, to a 99' FBP Em1, then an 05' OB SRT-4 and now my 07' Fa5. I grew up with friends who were not at all into cars. So I made it my goal to make my car turn the heads of those who didn't see cars the way I did. It's taken me a few years to get to where I am with my car, but I love every minute of it! When I first got my car, coming from a big turbo SRT-4 there was quite a difference in power so I tried to focus more on looks than anything else. I started out with an AEM SRI, then decided to go with an 09+ front end as well as the 09+ Si wheels, as well as Skunk2 lowering springs. After joining 8thcivic forums I slowly started to realize what I wanted to do with my car. Always having a thing for stanced cars/trucks, I decided to pickup a set of BC Racing coilovers to start everything off. When I found my Rpf1s everything sort of fell into place as far as stance. I really tried to keep everything clean and simple, not going over board with mods/exterior accents. Less is more.

Mod List
OEM 09 Front Conversion
Enkei Rpf1 17x9 +22
Muteki Sr48 extended lugs
Clear fogs w/Nokya Hyper Yellow Bulbs
15% Tint
6k HIDs
Paint matched Asia Front Lip
Black/White Plaid door Inserts
BC Racing Coilovers
Ingalls Sliders
Ingalls camber bolts
Other Mods:
Muffler delete

Future Plans
As much as my wife would like to hear that, "I have no future plans, I won't do anything else" I can't say that is all true. I would like to eventually pick up a JRSC, polish up some things in the engine bay, and maybe go with some meaty tires for more of a "battle stance."

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