Auto Fashion - VIP fest 12' | Event Coverage

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Auto Fashion - VIP fest 12', CA

Auto Fashion - VIP fest was held this year on Nov. 4th in San Diego, CA. Through out it's entirety this event was a good turn out, with many enthusiasts, that came out and showed their real love for the VIP scene. Heavy hitters and newbs alike. So many beautiful cars attended, it was definitely a sight to see. Big thanks to John S. for covering this event for us as always making us feel like we were all at the scene of the event - much love, Jayo!

Celebrating it's 6th Annual Event, "VIP Festival," by Auto Fashion was a must attend. If you owned anything stanced, low, gorgeous, chromed, or simply a car well put together; it was here! Legends of the VIP scene were out in full stride, Hondas, Nissans, Toyotas - all makes and models represented. There was no bias to what car could be brought, nor was there a lack of attendees. So sit back and enjoy some photo coverage of what you missed........ 
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Coverage by John S.
Gripset Photographer

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