The Hybrid Deviant | Oct. 22-26

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Romie B. "11' Honda CR-Z"

GOODNESS BECOMES GREATNESS!! The Honda CR-Z aka"Compact Renaissance Zero," was expected to be the revival, of what once was, the lovable "Honda CR-X." With the remnant design of the CR-X the CR-Z was quickly dubbed the most stylish hybrid vehicle out. Even without knowing it's quote unquote heritage the success was in the sales of the CR-Z. A two edged sword, it was, because this would later become the run in Hondas mascara. Die hard CR-X fans were far from pleased with the CR-Z, popular car magazines, and many others refuted it as the replacement! With all that initial debacle out of the way the CR-Z has since spawned into a beast on its own. In the right hands good can become great!! Proof is in the pudding with Romies innovative CR-Z!

We want to thank the CR-Z's owner Romie, for letting us shoot this beast, and treating Gripsets photographer Roderick like royalty. Roderick, thanks for the hard work in getting this exclusive coverage and hogging all the perks!! ;) j/k

The Motivation 
  I purchased the 2011 CR-Z as a daily driver while I was commuting 140/day, 5 days a week, and wanted a hybrid that was a little different than what was the norm. In my younger days, I had owned a 1989 Honda CRX Si, and the CR-Z having many of its characteristics, I felt nostalgic and wanted to go down memory lane. I bought the CR-Z, completely stock as a Base model, knowing I would change many of the features that were included as an EX or EX w/navi.  While at the dealership, I added the Mugen Package to the cost of the car. Oddly enough, no one at the dealership was familiar with this package and I had to convince them that it was available, as an accessory, at almost 1/3 the cost of the car itself. I was then informed it would take a few weeks fot the kit to arrive. However, the night I brought home the CR-Z, I began the modifications myself by first adding HID's that I "borrowed" from my wife's 2010 xB, which I had installed months before. 

When the kit finally arrived, the dealership installed it over the next 3 days and I was able to pick it up as a complete Mugen edition. From there, I lowered it slightly, to fill in the gap from the 17x7 Mugen XJ wheels, with Tein High Tech springs. I decided the Mugen wheels, with their "black chrome" were better left in storage rather than being destroyed by the salt of the winter snow removals in VA... I switched out to a set 18x7.5" Enkei RPF1's for a bit, while I waited for a set of 18x7.5" Work Emotion CR Kai's to arrive and be powder coated a Blue/Black scheme. After the Kai's were on for awhile, a member of www.CRZforum was parting out his C-West CR-Z. This happened to be my favorite CR-Z at the time, mostly because of his Blitz Type 01 wheels that he had. We negotiated a price and I received the wheels and tires a short time later. His car was also a Premium White Pearl (PWP) and he'd had the 01's color matched so they were an ideal combination. I also bought his Tein Super Street coilovers, in a round about way, from another forum member. I added a pair of Clazzio seat covers that are black leather with black suede inserts as well the OEM armrest, Momo shifter, fully upgraded sound system with 4 subwoofers and a Viper Remote Start alarm and iJDMToy LED interior and exterior light package. The ARK exhaust and AEM intake give this hybrid a different sound to go with the different look, while the Tein SS coilovers and the Basis Sport Tuning rear sway bar provide outstanding handling.
Future Plans 
I am somewhat of a wheel fanatic, so I'll be changing this set up in the very near future (Spring '13, hopefully). I can't disclose what yet, but they will be another 3 piece forged set, and unlike on any other CR-Z that I've seen. I also want to buy the Jackson Super Charger, when it becomes available for the CVT's. This should offset the power needs by adding 50 more hp and 45 more torque, while still utilizing the IMA system. A better braking package would also then be needed. Finally, I want to paint the CR-Z to resemble my '89 Si: Barbados Yellow  but with a black glass roof. Hopefully, as I plan on keeping this for years to come, all of these future mods come to fruition....
 Shout Outs 
The members of 
Tuna & Asian@ Custom Wheel Boutique
Nolan@ Advanced Coating Solutions
 Tony@ Basis Sport Tuning

Coverage by Roderick P.
Gripset Photographer

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