Disturbing the Peace | Oct. 1-5

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Kody W. "09' Honda Ruckus"

Gotta Love our Gripset familia, much, much, much love goes out to our photographer Goonk V. for this one!!! He drove all the way out to meet & shoot Kody's Flossy Ruckus. This is one mean ass carriage. Packed with Pipes, Paint, Billet, Meat, Gold, and Chrome, NUFFFFFFF SAID! Damn it I forgot to mention stretch....holy "Winning" fitment Charlie! This jaw dropping Ruckus is giving us writers block so journey this feature in awe your damn selves without our narration. So mmmmmmmmmmmmmpressive!

The Motivation
So here's my build story and how I became interested in the ruckus business. I'll probably get a little more detailed than most, but they're so rare in East Tennessee. Pretty sure I'm the only one with stretch/swap/fatty, but anyways.....

So it all started August 28, 2010. I became interested in an Evo 8 that was featured in Hellaflush. I got talking to the guy about it, and he actually knew my Aunt and Uncle and ate at their sub shop a lot. So my girlfriend and I flew down that Friday evening and bought the car at 12:00 at night from Dorby. (Drove it back 14.5 hours back the next day). That night was the first time I had ever seen a fully customized Ruckus, and I knew eventually I would have to have one...

Well 2 years and 16 cars later, here we are. Lol. I finally had to scratch the itch. I did some research and assured that Dorby is one of the best in the business. So I set a goal. I went and bought a used 2009 Ruckus out of Nashville. I rode it around for a month or so, and I knew right then it's what I wanted to do. And here's where the build begins.

The build. I knew I wanted to do it all, with the best of everything. That's just how I am, and how I was raised. If you're going to do it, do it right the first time. So I set a personal high goal for it.

So I loaded everything up in the STi, and headed back to the basement. All this gleem, now time for a power plant. We decided to go with a GY6 150cc swap kit from DorbyWorks. Being a racer of 9 years, a stock engine is un heard of. So Dorby bored and stroked it to a 170cc with a racing cam. I wanted everyone in the small town I live in to hear me coming, so it breaths through Dorby's one off exhaust. Backed up by rollers in the variator through DorbyWorks open drive. With the full swap kit installed, mounts with stretch kit, fatty wide wheel adapter, full wiring harness and all the odds and ins... Back to quality stuff, Dorby's engine mount is made in a 10ton press.

Everything started coming together nicely and carefully. Up front we went with the RRGS front forks and disc brake conversion with a wave rotor. All of this was bringing the gold theme together. I used the DorbyWorks stainless headlight mount with a Cyclops headlight rocking HID low/high beams.

Up top it was DorbyWorks drag bars with gold controls, grips, and throttle tube. We went with the level 6 controls.  All held on by the Circus Monkey bar clamp... I backed it up with a lowered seat frame with a custom Recaro wrapped seat with red stitching by Dorby. Snuck in a LED running/brake light with signals underneath the seat.

All of this plus all of the small detailed items and dress up bolts/washers. Oh and let's not forget the bling factor. I'm not a believer in fake wheels or knockoff replica wheels. I rock Works on my STi, so you guessed it, DorbyWorks two pieces wheels with the fatty in the back. <--- The originator of these rims!!! Gold with polished lips with red anodized lug nuts.

That pretty much sums it up. A lot of time, money, and detail spent. People don't realize what all goes into these things, including myself at first. 

I'd like to thank my parents for the garage. Lol My dad Kevin for being there every step of the way. It's nice having that extra opinion, extra hand, and flat out help. My Mom for putting up with us. Also thanks to my Girlfriend for putting up with all of it. Late nights with a Ruckus takes away other late nights.haha. Also a major shout out to Dorby/ DorbyWorks. Great quality parts and support. He's probably one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and you'll swear he's Johnny Tran from the Fast and furious.haha

People have always gave me s***  about built not bought, so there's a build for you. Done the right way in my book, even if it is a "scooter".

Coverage by Goonk V.
Gripset Photographer

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