Del Sol: Redefined | Oct. 15-19

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Cody S. "Honda Del Sol"

 "Loving the Crew" Nobody outside the crew reps Gripset on IG harder than this weeks feature Cody! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT CODY!!!! All these lovely shots of Cody's ride are courtesy of GS's very own "Bryan Marchante."

What more could one ask for......? No combo like a Father who loves and hears his children! Just add a spunky supercharged del sol into that mix - further strengthening that bond, equals a great lifetime of molotov cocktail kill stories. Simple yet clean, not overly done, this del sol, Cody's del sol, gets that point across. A relaxed black exterior and bronze (gold) rims give it that oem pizazz feel. That great cruiser feel. If your one of those quick to judge and dismiss types you might miss some of those details that make this del sol dope. His oem inside of clean seats, discreetly mounted gauges, a wood grain wheel matching his throwback style, some anodized "purp"pcs ( this was before all the flamboyance of  "the modern builder" ), simply make this one wholesome Del Sol from a 20yr old ( aged based on hypothetical guess only hehe )!!  Livening things up nicely a splash of "purps" finds its way into the engine compartment as well; nearly distracting the viewer from the popular Jackson Racing Supercharger. Paired with the heart of a giant this lil' killer whip tips the scale of why's.....enjoy this weeks feature of the torch passed onto the next generation!

My Motivation
I was 15! I was at my local drag strip (old dominion speedway) when I saw or realized Civic del sols existed. I told my dad (him being a Honda guy) I wanted that car for my first car, a few months later my dad bought me this car for $300. Mind you the car had 280xxx miles, was sun faded very badly and was totaled from being hit in the back, 0 mods - It was a beat to death model, all stock just wrecked honda del sol and it was all mine!

Once I had a job
with my dad pointing me in the right direction I started replacing small things here and there . The whole body was practically repaired, replaced, and repainted. Around that time I was sitting on some eBay coilovers and some SiR del sol snowflakes. Most recently, about a year ago, is when these more expensive mods came into play. The long story short this was my first car and I've had it for 5 years through the good the bad and the ugly.

resprayed night hawk black pearl

 SiR license plate garnish  
SiR front bumper  
 SiR headlights
oem civic 92-91 front lip

Honda accessory hood bra (occasionally rock the full bra)

Yakima roof rack and cargo cage (when I'm feeling euro)

oem mud guard front and rear

27% tint on the sides and 5% on back glass and windshield "banner"


15x7 4x100 +38 enkie 92s

nexen 175/50/15

skunk2 coilovers

5mm spacers all around

spoon front tower bar


 blox purple shift knob
oem shift boot ( Honda told me it was the last one?)

Grip royal woody 330mm steering wheel

nrg short hub

rainbow floor mats

reupholstered targa top and rear speaker garnish with purple suede

second gen door handles

 SiR map lights
lower fog switch

green led gauge cluster


Jackson racing super charger

aem air intake

passwordjdm purple dress up kit

bolt boys polished dress up kit

hybrid racing oil cap (polished)

dc sports header

top street radiator and slim fan

ngr spark plug wires

polished spark plug cover

custom vtec solenoid cover 


Future Plans
 as far as the motor goes I'm actually about to lose the gsr bottom and put a Honda crv block in its place, lose the gsr cams and put some type r cams in and put some hytech headers in.the  interior where it will be getting a full make over, nardi wheel, bride seats, crow harnesses, new door panels, new shift knob, new led gauge cluster lights and led map lights.  the suspension gets some d2 full coilovers, function 7 lower control arms and sway bar, buddy club camber kit and lots lots more!  ill never stop upgrading this car.

Shout Outs
Josh hannabass

andrew humphrey
cameron lewis
pj lee
jasmine monette
all of  TCP (my team)
and my DAD for teaching and helping me put a lot of this car together.

Coverage by Bryan M.
Gripset Photographer

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