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 Jeremy P. "06' Lexus Is250 AWD"

This weeks credit goes out to Nicholas Lightford, a Gripset collab! Bringing you this hawt Lexus out of Sin City, Nevada!! Yeah, Vegas get's it in too!!!! High society in a lowly frame, puts this beast of an IS in two settings. One on the floor, and the other on the GRIPSET map. With an overall change in tides, it's not uncommon to ditch the "ol Honder Civic" for a new platform..... in fact it's very popular. Mostly attributed to the old Honda heads growing older, and the young ricer kids ruining what was once a pure hobby for everyone else. Making any lowered Honda/Acura the gleam in an officers eye! However, we can't let one bad apple spoil the bunch, because those who stayed to fight the good fight still lead the future.

With the adoration and fascination of VIP in America, ( and the world ) Jeremy P's Lovely IS just shows how bright that future can be!!! A dedication, and niche for hard-knock learning present's itself in pure beauty, enjoyed by both young and old, with this weeks timeless ride. Strikingly clean from every angle. Read on to hear Jeremy's story of resilience! 

 The motivation
Growing up in Guam I was always fascinated about the car scene and trying to follow my Brother Jeff’s footprints, I wanted to build good looking fast cars!  In the beginning I worked on my first project car a 96 Nissan 240SX (a nice hand me down car from my parents). I was all about the race scene. While working on how to be faster, and trying to have a good shiny look was a must every pay check as a teen it went into my car. I joined a car club in Guam called "Guarantee Auto," it’s a full mechanic/body shop, so the resources for working on the motor and (many) paint jobs was always there. After moving out of Guam and on to the mainland I thought I would lose that passion for working on cars. With more access to car parts and shops (which we was very limit back on the island) I continued to build other cars, at the new found motivation of experiencing Hot Import Nights. Looking back it was a 90 Honda CRX with a B16 full black widow kit, then a 98 GSR with a full Wings West RS Kit and a 95 GSR lowered on some wheels and motor work. Living in California changed that, a few speeding tickets, the normal fix it tickets and having my car broken into and stolen numerous times,  I decided I was done. Shortly after moving to Vegas I was introduced to the VIP scene and it was about being hellaflush, cambered, slammed, static drop, poking, wide wheels with stretched tires? Very new to me, so I tried to build an IS300 which was a total an epic fail I had no clue what I was doing. With the help from old and new friends familiar to the scene I sold that IS300 and bought a 2006 Lexus IS250 AWD. Going to car meets and watching Japan built VIP car videos on YouTube motivated me and I started to build again. Picking up ideas, suggestions from friends and with the help of SOHI Garage, LOWBALLERS, and MONSTAR many trial and errors my car slowly began to take shape. It was a year and half project but I feel this car is the best build I’ve ever put my time into, and having people appreciate my work after all that has been done gives me great gratitude and motivation to continue to build.

Mod list

Ings front lip and side skirts
Wald rear bumper
LX-Mode front grill
Lexon Roof spoiler
Vinyl wrap roof
HID front headlights and fog lights
Greddy SP cat-back exhaust

VIP Modulars VR-12
(F) 19x10.5 wrapped around on Nangkang NSII 235/35
(R) 19x11.5 wrapped around on Nangkang NSII 245/35

Air Suspension
Universal Air on BC Coilovers
Digital Dakota Air Management w/ wireless remote
2-VIAIR 480 compressors
5gal Tank

Junction Produce Neck pads, side curtains, fusa, kintuna and pillows

Future plans
I'm done with the IS, I'm working on a second build TA5TY Jr.

Shout Out
To my GF Lisa for dealing with my ass in the garage for numerous of hours, Dru and JOEVO from SOHI Garage, LOWBALLERS, VIP Modular, MONSTAR, my family and Discover credit card for their excellent reward points lol

Coverage by Nicholas Lightford.
Site:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/bn_photos/
IG: @bnphotos1

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