A Modern Class-Sick | Oct. 8-12

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Matt H. "02' Lexus IS300"

A Double Lexus feature?? Sayyyyy Whaaat! Both generations of the Lexus IS packed in a beautiful week of celebration. If anyone, disapproves direct all email/responses at Gripsets own Rodney Waller, he shot this feature!!! LOL, Just kidding. We love it Rodney, Thanks!!! Our crew members actually bumped into this flossy IS (<---- Say that 5x fast! Oooooo, You swore! I'm telling mom!) aka Altezza , at Import Alliance End of Summer Meet, Maryland not too long ago. Amongst all the heat that was there this one stood out for a few reasons - the Sic Nasty license plate, and the rock chips! Rock Chips? Really!!!???  Just a few, but, Yesssss indeeeeed, while you had your sweet chariot in the garage drooling over it with a bottle of spray wax and microfiber towels someone was actually out killing street markers with theirs, and that someone just so happens to be Matt H. Nothing screams GRIPSET more than a fashionably styled ride, with battle wounds to suit!!! Sometimes damaged pieces make the puzzle, read on to even understand what the heck We're blabbering about..........

The motivation
My pride and joy at the moment is my 2002 Lexus IS300. I don’t really have a motivation to build and work on cars. It’s more of an inner passion. I have always been interested in cars and motorcycles since I was a kid. I used to be able to name any car that passed by at night just by the taillights! During my high school years I was focused on becoming a Porsche Automotive technician, since Porsche’s are my favorite cars. I took multiple automotive repair classes, and even competed in regional competitions. I quickly learned though that I didn’t enjoy repairing cars as much as I loved getting creative and modifying them to my liking. With that being known I switched my major to IT, which I am pursuing now in college, and proceeded to modify my friends and my own personal vehicles for just the pure enjoyment of it. My first car was a modified Integra. It was a fun car, but my love for Toyota’s kicked in, and I sold it and bought a brand new Scion tC in 2009. I went full throttle on that car. It was slammed on BC coils, Work VS-XX wheels with 3.5” lips, GFX kit, racing seats and custom interior, engine modifications, the whole works! Unfortunately the car was jinxed, and was involved in multiple accidents, including the one that totaled it after I was just feeling like I was finished with it…  But like the saying goes, “When one door closes another one opens.” After that accident I was on the lookout for my next project. It was at that point that one of my crew members showed me this amazing 5 speed IS300 with leather interior, OEM Navigation, 70k miles on it, in Graphite Grey Pearl (these are hard to find packages all in one car). That’s when I went out and picked up SIC NASTY! It only took a week for me to order up all of my new parts. Once they were all in I decided to install them all in one day. It went from being stock to the way it looks now, minus the custom exhaust and AME wheels (at that time I had a HKS Hi-Power on it and Enkei NT03+M’s). I wasn’t completely happy with the way it looked, so I decided to pick up the AME’s a couple of weeks ago when one of my friends put them up for sale. I think it gives the car more of a VIP look, which is the look I am going for.

Mod List
AME Shallen WX – 18x8.5 +20 and 18x9.5 +22
Muteki Lugs
Tein CST coilover’s
Greddy Style front lip
Vertex Style side skirts
TRD Style rear lip
Altezza front grille
Altezza smoked taillights
Altezza window visors
Blacked out headlights
Custom ISF style exhaust
SRT intake
35% tinted windows
Ralco short throw

Future Plans
I am super happy with the car as of right now! Like any car enthusiasts though I do have future plans for it. I would like to upgrade the transmission to an R154, build the block, and build a custom 3” slash tip exhaust. My goal is to push 450-600 rwhp safely out of an SRT PT67 turbo kit. I would also like to hydrographic the dash and door inserts a custom woodgrain, and get some custom leather Stätus racing seats. Finally for the sound system I am installing a Pioneer AVH-P4400BH with a JL W3 sub. Other than that I love the car and the attention it brings with it!

Shout Outs
I would like to give a couple shout outs. NickRolled for working my fenders to perfection to fit all of the wheels I have been through. CWB for all of the tint and tire work they have done on the car. Custom Functionz for their awesome powdercoating and hydrographic work they do. Factory 55 for all the tire work they have done for me as well. And Rodney Waller for his awesome photography skills.

Coverage by Rodney W.
Gripset Photographer

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