The European Coup D'état | Sept. 17-21

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David P. "03' Mk4 GTi"

DEJAVU!!! We dreamed of this feature before it became a "proof."  Major Love goes out to Ejay (IG- Limestand) who made this possible! By doing a personal photoshoot just for us.
WOW..... A double O-feature, a back to back German onslaught - EURO Domination!!! This week we look at
another VW, YESSSS AGAAAAAAIN!!!! In this real world of cars our Coup D’état is the hunt for more power,
over throwing the norms! Yes stock is the norm...LOL But this baby is far from that, one vw that actually packs
it all, brains, beauty and brawns. A classy fitted exterior, a balance of lovely paint, sparkly wheels, properly set
underneath the raw curves of that body giving you that "stance life" feeling!!! Then you mozy onto the frontal
shot and see the FMIC rattling your little bones, making it clear INOPUNKBEEACH!!!

I was never really into the Euro scene until I got a hold of this car. Pretty much I bought it completely stripped.....I mean the interior was thrashed, front seats were gone, panels were missing, turbo, and most of the exhaust system, to top it off the engine was inop - nope it didn't work. All of this madness at just 75k miles. Why did I buy it? I was sold on the paint!!! The car was factory painted, immaculate, not a single ding, or scratch, pretty much flawless. After rebuilding the head, getting all factory exhaust components, it was up and running. The plan was for this to be just my daily driver "to and fro" to school, work, and anywhere else in between. After some bogus mods I set out for the truth. I started doing research and came across flash tuning. Eurodyne caught my eye offering a  fully self-manageable tuning system that utilized the stock ECU. This allows you to make any type of edits, ignition timing, fueling, injector scaling, etc. After a year and a half of messing with the software, and trying to squeeze the most that I could out of the motor the car finally became alive, and much more satisfying to drive, the power came on strong, and stayed there!!!! Finally happy, it was time for the bolt on upgrades such as: front mount intercooler, new exhaust system, upgraded boost control solenoid...

The Motivation
Doing all of the above upgrades I finally realized what these cars are capable of and what they are able to handle. During my research I came upon these ridiculous 400-600hp 1.8T builds that have intrigued me. I wanted my car to be at those power levels... Between all of the engine modifications that I was working on and planning, I got tired of the car looking stock height. That’s where my Raceland coilovers came in; they lowered my car and made it more appealing without having a high price tag as other brands. I still was not satisfied the way the car looked on factory 17x7 Long Beaches, so I sourced out a pair of 17x7.5 BBS replica wheels made by ADR. Made my car look like a whole different car. Finally, started messing with offset and spacers, and looking at the Stance of other VW's. As quick as it was I couldn't get enough power I guess you could say I had a need for speed. Upgraded to a cheap T3T4 50 Trim turbo kit, walbro inline 255 fuel pumps, 630cc injectors, and tuned it to run e85 because it was available at pump in the area, and showed good power gains, mind you still on a bone stock long block, made 318whp @ 18psi. I drove the setup hard; sadly the turbo only lasted me for the summer and blew out the oil seals. That’s when I decided to get a "REAL" setup and try to put down some power. My power goal was 500whp utilizing a Garrett gt3076r turbo. Took the car out of commission for a month, and the real build finally started.

Mods list
Garrett GT3076r DBB Turbo (Thanks Al at PagParts)
ATP Log Style Manifold
Tial 38mm External Wastegate
Custom 3" 3 piece V-Banded exhaust (Thanks to my good buddy keith @ Anderson Auto Body) with a Borla single chamber muffler.
Custom Front Mount intercooler setup with a GodSpeed core.
Integrated Engineering Rods
AWD 9:3 compression pistons
AWD engine block
AMB small port head (completely rebuilt with factory internals, and camshafts)
Walbro 255 Inline Fuel Pump
Greddy Profec Spec II boost controller (for easy boost control from inside the cabin)
AEM air fuel ratio gauge (made tuning alot easier on the street)
02j Transmission with a 3.94 Final Drive
Full 20th Anniversary lip kit
ACT 6-puck racing clutch w/ g60 14lb flywheel
DEPO projector headlights 

 Starting up the car felt like a whole different beast, a few tuning sessions later I put down
396whp @ 23 psi. But I still have not reached my goal... However i am happy with what im making for now. I
decided to go a little on the form side of the "form vs fucntion" spectrum, and aquired DUB raderwerks from
good friends @ HardParker Garage, 18x8.5 with 25 offset in the front, 18x9.5 with 15 offset in the rear.
Lowered the car as much as I could for daily driving conditions 23 FTG in the front, 23.75 FTG in the rear. Im
finally begging to be satisfied to where it sits but still something is missing... The extra power


Future Plans
Integrated Engineering Street Cams
Integrated Engineering Intake Manifold w/ a 80mm throttle body
Air to Water intercooler system
02j 5-spd transmission with LSD
Clutch Masters FX400 clutch kit
Interior refresh with black suade fabric
R32 front seats
Retrofit OEM MKV headlight projects
Possibly an air bag setup, but im considering staying static.
Maybe a different color scheme but time will tell.

There is always room for improvement the way I see it, If its not performance, its stance; If its not stance, its interior; With this ongoing project I will always find my self something to do, and keep me busy... Built for me to enjoy, and just to have a clean vehicle to drive around everywhere I can take it.

Coverage by Limestand.
Gripset Photographer

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