Progression Done Right! | Sep. 3-7

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Matt G. "06' Honda Accord"

Hondas Gold! The Accord Chassis.  From experience or not we can say this is one chassis with loads of potential and minimal aftermarket support. You can whip these cars around with great joy and comfort to that of a small civic, yes their that nimble. Sharing the same chassis as the critically acclaimed TSX, TL, and top gun RL. It's a shock to see them drifting with the wind. When they launched in 2003 with this redesigned body & suspension there was no huge crowd or buzz surrounding the Accord. We recall in 2005 when we bought our 05' sedan, there was yet a company to make more than an intake for this beast. The only performance luck was for the lads who chose the 4CYL version, us V6 lovers had it HARD! Intake & Exhaust was at the top of every mod list! Hard work and dedication let's here Matt's "survival story.

The Motivation
I don't necessarily think of my car as motivation, more as a progression of right for the car.  The motivation came from love, a lot of friends who wanted to see my car done right.

This car was the very first car that I bought brand new outright.  I first planned on just getting some wheels and leaving it at stock height.  I proceeded to throw some 20" chrome Foose wheels on because an acquaintance of mine had dubs on his Accord and I thought it looked sweet. I joined a few forums and then I had to move up to NorCal for work. Subsequently, I met a few friends who were on one of my main forums and they convinced me to paint the wheels since chrome looked absolutely hideous on a coupe.

That is when the mod bug bit.

>From that moment on, I have gone from a Eibach Pro-Kit to Sportlines and now to where I currently ride on, Tein SS'.  As far as wheels, I sold the Foose wheels and bought a set of flat black XXR 522 wheels.  I rolled on those for around 8 months. 

During that time, I started to grow more fond of the stance scene and wanted my car to try and reflect that. One of my closest friends decided to sell my dream wheels so I jumped on buying the CR Kai's from him.  These wheels were originally gunmetal in color, so I decided to polish them since I rarely see a set polished. 

I had to come to grips with myself that I would have to really get out of my comfort zone with modifying fenders to make these wheels fit.  With motivation from a few friends, and a weeks worth of late nights, I finally got the car at it's perfect stance with this set of wheels.

Tein SS
Neuspeed Front and Rear Sway bars
Neuspeed Strut Bar
Energy Suspension Bushings

Work CR Kai 18"X9.5" +12
215/40 Hankook Ventus V12 Tires

Full HFP kit
Blackhoused Headlights
3K Fogs

AEM V2 Intake
Bored TB
Bored and Smoothed Intake Runners
RV6-P V2 PCD's
Excelerate V3 J-Pipe
2.5" Flowmaster Exhaust
Corsport Shifter Bushings

Future Plans

My future plans for the car are to enjoy it while rolling to different shows up and down the state of California. I plan on doing some more engine work as in polishing, wire tuck, etc.  I would love to get a set of AMR coils when funds allow.  These are my dream wheels so as of now I will keep them for the foreseeable future.


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