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Import Alliance, MD
End of Summer Meet

Import Alliance -The End of Summer Meet, 2012. This years meet was located at the Ripken Stadium, Aberdeen, MD. The meet started around 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. Overall the meet was a success very laid back. We saw enthusiast come from different states and areas. A big Shout Out to those who stop by and say hi to our STAFF and a big thanks to Rodney W. & Sharon B. for covering this event. Here is some information about Import Alliance.

""What is an ImportAlliance meet?
It’s a grassroots style… cruise-in/ meet/ social gathering/ show-n-shine/ learning opportunity/ teaching opportunity/ marketing opportunity/ motorsports event. ImportAlliance is everything that you love about import cars. It is not a lifestyle event. It is how people who enjoy import cars get together and have fun while learning things to make their cars better. ImportAlliance is about import cars and the people who drive them.""

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Coverage by Rodney W.
Gripset Photographer

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