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Korey G. "VW Mk5"

What more can we say then damn, another fresh car with soul! Not just because it's black either! hehe. What a tear jerker this story turned out to be.....You'll see as you read-on and this is why GRIPSET is here, for you guys with the true passion!!!!  Not just the guys w/ all the pull and clout, or a hefty trust-fund, leading the automotive dow-jones. We have no beef's with economic stature - although it sounds as if we may. SIMPLY PUT, We seek the real ****, that catch me mobbin in the streets ****, not it's Sunday hello here I am.

BIG UPS TO K.G. and the rest of you out there grindin for reals, don't be shy to hit us up for your notable feature!

The Motivation
  Well I've been into cars my whole life and my father was a diehard as well.  He just had a little different taste and was into modifying Corvettes and other muscle cars.   My father recently passed away at the age of 48 with Multiple Myeloma, which is a form of blood cancer.  He fought a courageous six year battle and his body just couldn't take any more.  With that being said, this is what motivated me into building my car.  I bought the car bone stock a little over a year ago, quickly started modding it and voiding the warranty just as fast.  I did little things at first, threw coilovers on and rode around on stock wheels.  Then I needed a little more "go fast" in my life, so I had it flashed by Unitronic with they're stage 1+ tune.  Quickly realized it wasn't enough so I put an intake on which was followed by a 3" 42DD downpipe and custom 3" catback.  It was then re flashed to stage 2.  With my work having numerous speed bumps I realized that I needed something a little more practical... Bags.  I always said I'd never do it but I got to say I'll never go back to coilovers now that I have the adjust ability with the touch of a button.  With the help of John Detrick Jr. doing the install, he raced to finish the suspension so my dad could see it done as he started getting worse by the day.  My dad passed about a week after the set-up was complete, and was able to see the car done and laying frame.  He 110% motivated me on this build; I wouldn't have done anything differently to the car.

- Autopilot v2 Management 
- Airlift Slam Series Fronts
- Airlift Performance Rears
- -4 Degrees of Rear Camber

- K&N Cold Air Intake
- TSi Diverter Valve
- 3" 42DD Downpipe to Custom 3" Catback
- Unitronic Stage 2 Flash

- Euroswitch
- GTi Mojo - Rolled Front Fenders
- Slight Pull on the Rear Fenders
- Replica Votex Front Lip
- Jetta Front Grille Pieces

Future Plans
Just have to wait and see if anything catches my eye.  One thing I would like to start working on is the interior, as it is pretty much stock right now.

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